Birthday Gifts for Nature and Plant Lovers

Birthday Gifts for Nature and Plant Lovers

These Items Are On Every Nature Fanatic’s Wishlist 

Do you know someone whose home is covered wall to wall in plants, knows how to identify every bird and insect, and has an Instagram feed full of outdoorsy pics? Odds are, they’re a nature fanatic. 

We all have at least one close friend who loves nature, and when it’s time to celebrate their birthday, it’s important to party their way. That means incorporating their love of nature and the outdoors into your celebration, and giving gifts that speak to their tree-hugging heart.

These presents incorporate nature perfectly, so consider gifting one the next time your nature-loving friend celebrates a birthday.

Gift Ideas For a Nature Lover’s Birthday


Flowers are one of nature’s greatest gifts, encompassing vivid beauty and a breathtaking aroma. Whether you present them individually, in a bouquet, or in a luxury arrangement, there’s no way a nature-lover will forget this gift.

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Bird Feeding Supplies

Whether you bird-watch at a park or simply admire the birds in your backyard, something feels undeniably good about taking care of these winged creatures. A mix of bird food or a new bird-feeding structure make brilliant birthday gifts.

Gardening Gloves

If you tend a garden, plant trees, or complete similar outdoor projects, you know how dirty working outside can get. A pair of professional, comfortable gardening gloves are perfect for anyone with a green thumb.

Natural Candles

Lighting a scented candle made from natural resources is the perfect way to incorporate nature in a home’s interior. Materials like beeswax and soy are used in these products, and their natural elements add to their delightful aroma. 

Gift Card to a Gardening Store

Not sure whether your plant-obsessed pal would want a new cactus, hanging plant, or venus fly trap? Let them make the call! A gift certificate to a floral shop or gardening store can give all the power to the birthday guy or gal.

Support an Environmental Cause 

Know someone who’s passionate about causes like climate change, global access to clean water, or protecting endangered species? Surprise them by supporting an environmental fundraiser or activist organization. You could make a monetary donation or volunteer your time – the choice is yours.


A pair of binoculars can unlock plenty of possibilities. The recipient can make the most of this gift the next time they go stargazing, bird-watching, hiking, camping or exploring.

The right birthday gift can bring a nature-lover closer to the mysterious beauty that the outdoors provide. Don’t forget to pair your gifts with a party that involves outdoor activities and nature-inspired decorations!