Breaking Through the Friendzone on Valentine’s Day

Breaking Through the Friendzone on Valentine’s Day

How To Go From Friendzone to Love-Zone This Valentines Day

If you’re feeling stuck in the friendzone but your heart tells you there’s more happening beneath that layer, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to break the barrier and show them that you’re feeling more.

Why You May Be Stuck in the Friendzone

There are many reasons why you may be stuck in the friendzone. It’s possible that your connection is so amazing that you make the best of friends. That does not mean that this is all there is to it. Many incredible relationships blossom from that of a friendship first. So, if your gut is telling you there is more to your relationship and feelings, chances are, you’re right. Now is the perfect time to share those feelings.

Valentine’s Day Ideas to Help Take Your Friendship to the Next Level

Give Lasting Customized Roses That Say “I Love You”

There is nothing quite as unique as the gift of everlasting roses. If you know that the love you have for one another will stand the test of time and last forever, give them a rose that represents just that.


Write a Love Letter

Love letters are a beautiful and romantic way to show someone how much you mean to them. They’re your words and your words alone. Put everything you’re feeling down on paper.  It’s a gift that is heartfelt and keeps on giving for a lifetime.

Curate A Playlist That Tells Them How You Feel Through Music

If you’re a bit shy, or you’re a music lover, this may be the perfect way to express how you feel. Create a custom playlist that represents both your feelings and your relationship. This is your opportunity to find the best lyrics and songs to represent how you’re feeling and let them know, without a doubt, that you want to take things to the next level

The Ultimate Romantic Date

Surprise her with the ultimate romantic date. If you’re in the friendzone and spending time together on Valentine’s Day, chances are, they’re probably catching feelings too. If they’ve chosen you to spend this romantic day with, surprise them with the most romantic date you can dream up.

Come Right Out and Say It

Don’t want to beat around the bush about how you’re feeling? Being direct can be uber romantic if it’s done right. Set yourself and your surroundings up for a romantic confession. Music, the right atmosphere and the right timing can truly make being honest and direct about your feelings, magical.

A Personalized Gift

Maybe it’s a map of the stars the night you realized your feelings were more than just “friendzone” feelings. Maybe it’s a scrapbook of memories of the two of you together, as friends, and a confession at the tail end of the book that you are feeling way more. A personalized gift is a great way to show thoughtfulness and make things personal.

So, there you have it. There are both subtle ways and more direct ways to share your feelings. If your soul is telling you to go for it, chances are, you’re not alone in your feelings. Now is the perfect time to take your relationship to new heights.