Clever Ideas for a Great Pregnancy Photoshoot

Clever Ideas for a Great Pregnancy Photoshoot

Photos to Show Off Your Baby Bump

Is there anything more exciting than celebrating the beauty and miracle of the life you’re creating? There are a million and one ideas out there to create the most beautiful images and memories of your pregnancy, but not all are created equal. It’s truly a personal choice, and it’s heavily weighted on who you are as an individual and/or who you are as a family-to-be. So now is your chance to experience one of the most special times of your life and commemorate it with photos that will last a lifetime.

The Ideas

Before and After

There is something truly beautiful about a woman carrying a child. Something magical happens. Taking a photo, which could be black and white or in full color, of that gorgeous pregnancy belly in all its glory can be absolutely stunning. When doing this shoot, plan on incorporating the same image side by side, only whilst holding your new baby rather than your belly in the second.

Bear Necessities

Bears are synonymous with babies. For a truly unique photo, find a way to incorporate plush bears, flowers, and roses into your photo whilst showing off your baby bump. What’s beautiful is that a rose bear will last for a lifetime and can be incorporated into your baby’s room, making even more memories.

The Secret Reveal

Perhaps your partner does not know they are expecting yet. If you choose to announce it to them via your photoshoot, a little bit of careful planning can make for an incredible announcement. Blindfold them to the location. Have them stand with their back to you whilst holding a sign up that says “you’re going to be a…”
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Show off Your Feet Before You Can’t See Them

Taking a photo of your bump and toes while you can still see them is an absolutely adorable way to showcase both your beautiful belly and make a statement.

Fun with Shadows

Pick a beautiful day with the sun on a beach and a baby bump-revealing outfit. Either the photographer, your partner, or a friend can create a heart shadow with their hands, which can cleverly be placed over your belly to showcase the bump. It’s a stunning visual.
There are so many ways to share your pregnancy and news with the world. Take your time to decide which shoot might be best for you, personally. This is your celebration and a memory that you will have for a lifetime. It’s also one you will surely share with the little one growing inside of you.