Creative Birthday Cake Decoration Ideas

Creative Birthday Cake Decoration Ideas

These Décor Tricks Will Make Your Birthday Cake Stand Out 

Birthdays are meant to be fun, and one of the most joyful birthday traditions is to dig into a delicious cake. Making a friend or family member a homemade birthday cake is one of the best ways to make their special day stand out. But how can you give a homemade cake the flare it deserves? Check out decorating tips below – these ideas really take the cake.

The Best Birthday Cake Decorations


Flowers aren’t just for wedding cakes. They can provide a sense of joy and positivity to a birthday cake, too. Roses in particular symbolize love and passion, and their unique petal shape gives them a hypnotizing effect on top of a cake’s surface. 

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Plenty of fruits can be used to make enticing cake flavors, but they can be used to decorate as well. Berries and fruit slices can be placed to create a fun, vibrant pattern on top of any birthday cake.

Edible Glitter

A thick layer of glittery goodness can turn any object into a party decoration – and a cake is no exception. Don’t be afraid to get messy with this decoration. The more glitter, the better. 

Luxury Candles

Blowing out the candles is a significant moment for every birthday celebration. A special set of candles can truly elevate the appeal of a birthday cake, and will remind your loved one how special they are.

A Crown

Do you want your friend to feel like a king or queen on their special day? Top their cake with a tiara or crown. They shouldn’t try to take a bite out of this decoration, but it certainly adds a royal twist to the traditional birthday hat.

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A Special Photograph

Many stores and bakeries allow customers to order cakes with photographs printed over the cake’s surface. This option is great for moments that invoke laughter or heartfelt memories – but how can you recreate this effect on a homemade cake? 

This D.I.Y. trick is totally adorable. Print off a small photograph, and craft an edible “frame” out of treats – these could be graham crackers, candies, or anything that will hold up on the cake’s surface. Not only will this put a smile on your loved one’s face, but it’ll make a great photo opportunity. 

Whether you’re celebrating someone’s 9th birthday or their 90th, a birthday cake is the sweetest way to bring out the fun. Our decorating tips offer plenty of creative ways to spruce up your cake. Now, all that's left to do is blow out the candles.