Expressing Your Love in a Card

Expressing Your Love in a Card

How to Get The Message Across in Writing

Sitting down with a pen and a blank card in front of you can trigger anxiety for some. You want to express your love and sentiments, but sometimes, the words don’t fall easily.


In this article, we provide tips to help you express your feelings and share your thoughts in this beautifully written keepsake.

Thought Starters

“No Matter How Busy Life Gets, You’re Always On My Mind.”

When life is too hectic, and you are having a difficult time juggling it all, including your relationship, expressing this sentiment can go a long way to make someone feel reassured. Sometimes that is all that it takes to ease some of the pressure of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, ensuring that your relationship doesn’t take a back seat through busier times.

“I Can’t Imagine a Day Without You.”

Are you so full of love for your boo that the mere thought of living life without them is completely unfathomable to you? Are they your rock? The person who makes everything in your life so much better than it would otherwise be? Start with this thought and let it guide you through what you want to say. And if you want to kick it up a notch, add a preserved, long-lasting rose to the gift, showing them that you’ll be together as long as this rose lasts.


“You Still Give Me Butterflies.”

Does your heart do flips every time you see their name pop up on your phone? If you’re still catching butterflies after having been together for a while, this is a great way of expressing how they still make you feel as nervous (in the best possible way) as they did in the beginning. Those jitters you feel are full-fledged love and admiration.

“We’re the Best Kind of Weird”

Are the two of you forever in a state of weirdness and laughs? Are you always on the same page with the kookiness that is the two of you? It’s a special kind of love when you can both relate so well to each other in the most epic of ways. When you just get each other better than anyone you’ve ever encountered in your lifetime. This is an excellent thought-starter to express your appreciation for the level of weirdness that you share together.


“Nothing Matters More To Me Than Your Happiness.”

When the happiness of the person you love matters more to you than your own happiness, that is pure love. When you care so much that you would do absolutely anything to ensure that they are always filled with happiness, because that brings you an immense sense of joy, this is a great way to express that sentiment.

There are many ways to express your love in words, and a card is a great way to do that. It’s personal, it lasts forever, and it’s something they can keep going back to over and over again when they need to feel the power of how you feel about them.