Give your Home Romantic Spa Vibes

Give your Home Romantic Spa Vibes

Everything You Need to Plan a Couple’s At-Home Spa Day

A spa trip can give you a fresh perspective on life. With steamy sauna baths, refreshing massages, and a lush atmosphere, there truly is no place like a spa...or is there? With these easy steps, you can prepare your living space for the ultimate at-home romantic spa date.


Candles provide a few benefits for your at-home spa. They provide light, their aroma elevates the room’s atmosphere, and they often function as a striking decorative piece. One candle adds a significant level of comfort, but an array of matching candles works even better.

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Don’t forget to dress the part. Comfy cotton or silk bathrobes will make you feel like you’re truly at the spa, and they’re the perfect attire for a fun photo opportunity.



These radiant flowers are a must for creating a spa atmosphere. They add a pleasant aroma and act as a brilliant decoration. For a steamy splash of romance, spread rose petals around the surface of the tub’s water.

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Essential oils

Looking for a creative way to add a pleasant aroma to your home? Try diffusing essential oils. These natural products are believed to relieve stress.

Get a jacuzzi tub

Any simple bath can be used for an at-home spa retreat, but a jacuzzi tub is the best option. Investing in a luxurious jacuzzi tub can transform your relaxation experience, and you’ll be ready to turn every day into spa day.

Music & Ambiance

Soothing music can make all the difference. Try not to choose sounds that are too distracting, as the goal is to cultivate an ambiance that pleases you and your partner’s senses.


Make sure to stock up on your favorite lotions, creams, masks, and other spa products. Oh, and you’ll probably want to cut some cucumber slices for your eyes.

Dim the lights

You’re probably used to seeing your home lit up with normal lighting. For a more mysterious atmosphere, turn off all the lights, and use dim lamps, candlelight, or a star projector to see.


Learn massage techniques

There’s no point in having the right tools if you don’t know how to use them. To maximize your spa day’s success, search for massage technique tutorials on the internet, or take an instructional class.

A successful visit to the spa will make you wish you lived there. With the tips we’ve suggested, your home will feel just like a spa, and you’ll never want to leave.