Honeymoon Staycation Ideas

Honeymoon Staycation Ideas

How to Have the Perfect Honeymoon at Home

Your wedding is the most special day of your life, and a honeymoon is an important celebration that follows. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has sabotaged plenty of couples’ honeymoon plans. Since global travelling isn’t a feasible option, most couples have been left to their own devices. But this doesn’t mean your dream honeymoon has to fall apart. Instead, consider having a staycation honeymoon.

What is a Staycation?

A staycation is a stay-at-home vacation – clever, right? This is becoming a popular option for couples who want to get away without actually getting away. It’s cheaper and easier to manage, but just as romantic as a true getaway.

Try These At-Home Honeymoon Ideas

Do At-Home Spa Treatments and Massage

No honeymoon is complete without a couple’s massage. Instead of going to the spa, why not bring the spa to you? Put on face masks and give each other massages. Don’t forget to wear matching comfy robes!

Follow Cooking Videos and Make a Meal Together

With a solid recipe for two, you can turn your dining room into a five-star restaurant. Find an instructional video for a gourmet recipe, and cook it together. This will give you an opportunity to have fun while spending quality time, and you’ll build cooperation skills that are key to your partnership’s foundation.

Camp in the Backyard

Outdoor activities are becoming increasingly popular as honeymoon options. This one is simple, but totally breathtaking. Set up a campsite and stargaze with your lover right in the comfort of your backyard. Just pitch a tent, bring plenty of blankets, and let the night begin.

Stay in a Hotel

Hotel room rentals are a classic option for a local lover’s retreat. There are hotels just about everywhere, making them a convenient way to organize brilliant local getaway. Check to see which hotels in your area have packages for couples.

Try Travelling Locally

Love to sight-see, but don’t have the ability to explore the globe? Plan an exciting trip around your own town. Check out all the local spots you haven’t gotten around to see yet – museums, parks, historic monuments, and cool visual experiences.

Book an AirBnB on the Beach or in the Mountains

Imagine living steps away from the beach. Now imagine the mountains are your backyard. These picture-perfect landscapes make for great local getaways, and with online home rental services, it’s never been easier to book a dreamy backdrop for your staycation.

Rent a Houseboat

Spend a night on the water in a houseboat for two. On this peaceful retreat, you’ll explore gorgeous lakes and rivers while spending unforgettable quality time.

Set the Mood with Roses

A staycation should be just as romantic as any out-of-town honeymoon. Make sure you have the right tools to turn up the romance factor. Open a bottle of wine and decorate with the most bold, romantic flower of them all: roses.