How to Celebrate Thanksgiving in Los Angeles

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving in Los Angeles

Why L.A. Is The Best Place To Celebrate Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving is typically associated with delicious feasts, but quality time is important too. Obviously, this Thanksgiving will be unlike any in history, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the holiday.

L.A. is home to some of the best Thanksgiving weekend activities on Earth. Whether you roam the city or go digital, there are plenty of ways to make this Thanksgiving unforgettable.

Make Thanksgiving 2020 Unforgettable With These Tips

Look at Holiday Lights

It isn’t December yet, but many L.A. locals are starting to feel festive. Walking or driving around the city to look at holiday lights is a fun way to get excited about the approaching holiday season. Take the scenic route, and snap pictures of the most creative displays you find.

Take The Great L.A. Walk

Who says you can’t hike in the city? The Great L.A. walk is an urban trek that truly lives up to its name. You can join or depart this 16-mile walk at any point along its route from Wilshire Boulevard to Santa Monica. Plus, the walk can be done socially distanced, making it a safe way to get fresh air this Thanksgiving.

Visit A Botanical Garden

Take a look at L.A.’s stunning botanical gardens – many of which are open on Thanksgiving weekend. You’ll be amazed by twisting plants, gorgeous flowers, and thought-provoking sculptures.

Thank Your Loved Ones With Roses

Thanksgiving is all about showing appreciation for the people and things you love. There’s no better way to say ‘thank you’ than with an arrangement of long-lasting roses.


Visit A Pop-Up Selfie Site

L.A. is home to some of America’s best pop-up sites. These temporary structures offer charming backdrops for photo opportunities, so mark this special holiday with an unforgettable picture.

Throw A Virtual Thanksgiving Party

Your loved ones may be under quarantine or just out of town, but you can still save the day with a digital gathering. Gather everyone on a virtual chat, and let your “guests” know how grateful you are to see them – even if it’s only on a screen.

Do Something Fun Together Online

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be entirely serious. Let loose by hosting a virtual party game with your loved ones, or participate in an online escape room for some cooperative fun.

Watch Something Together

Some digital services allow multiple people to chat while watching the same show, movie, or program. Whether you prefer a funny movie, a football game, or a warm holiday classic, you’ll feel just like you’re on the couch with the whole family.