How to Host an Elegant Holiday Party

How to Host an Elegant Holiday Party

Holiday Party Décor Ideas

Everyone loves holiday parties for a handful of reasons. It’s always a pleasure to reunite with your favorite people, and the holidays bring a sense of joy that feels different than it would any other time of the year.

As a party host, you may feel pressure to host the perfect party. But with these tips, you’ll be able to organize a celebration that is warm and elegant, while still fun.

When to Host Your Holiday Party

First, consider the timing of your party. There are typically only four weekends in December, and the last 1-2 are too close to Christmas for most guests to be available. Thus, early December is the perfect time for a party. Consider the age group and style of your party when selecting a time – is it a full-day affair, a dinner party, or a late-night gathering?

Who to Invite

How you handle the invitation process can make or break your party. You want to invite several people that lends itself to intimacy without feeling too small. If you choose to invite guests that do not know each other, it’s a common courtesy for hosts to provide prompts or activities for guests to become acquainted.

How to Decorate an Elegant Holiday Party

White Christmas Trees

For a Christmas party, a decorated tree is a must. Spruce up your celebration by choosing a soft, neutral-colored tree. Indoor white Christmas trees bring an elegant touch to any Christmas party, no matter what theme or decoration style is further unraveled.

Choose A Soft Yet Dazzling Color Scheme

Party-planning pros agree that a color scheme is necessary – it brings a sense of professionalism and comfort. The most luxurious palette, of course, is silver and gold. Choose décor that offers these metallic shades and snowy white, and don’t be afraid to add pops of color as well.

Decorate With Lots Of Flowers

Flowers bring life to any party, and with these decorations, we say more is better. Roses are the ideal decoration for their passionate and luxurious radiance. Consider a creative arrangement of roses, like a bold leather square or a show-stopping marble globe of roses – or, you could customize your own arrangement.


Add Red and White Rose Centerpieces

When decorating, don’t forget about the center of the dining table. A centerpiece provides an opportunity to make a bold statement, and vivid roses are sure to impress your guests. Consider blending white and red roses for a daring splash of color.


Plenty of Lights

Bright lighting is a must for a holiday party. Consider arranging your lights in a creative pattern to increase the sense of elegance in your home.

Scented Candles

Any room is warmer and brighter with a luscious, scented candle. Consider choosing a candle with a warm, toasty scent, or one with a compelling design, like this Greek Goddess-inspired candle from Dose of Roses.

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Avoid Holiday Clichés

We all love classic holiday figures and symbols. For a truly elegant holiday party, though, consider leaning less on campy Christmas characters and more on refined holiday symbols – choose flowers, metallics, and soft decorations.

Don’t Go Overboard On Décor

The stress of holiday party planning may lead you towards an abundance of clashing decorations, but most party guests agree that less is more. Keep it simple with a classy display of elegant décor, rather than an overwhelming crowd of decorations that clash.