How to Incorporate Flowers Into Your Kitchen

How to Incorporate Flowers Into Your Kitchen

Lively Ways to Enhance Your Kitchen’s Decor With Florals

The kitchen is the heart of a home. It offers one of the most pleasant atmospheres, thanks to gorgeous countertops and the aroma of a home-cooked dish. There are plenty of ways to elevate this special space, but one method is often overlooked: incorporating flowers. These colorful bundles of joy offer an easy way to add life and vibrance to your kitchen.

There are so many ways to introduce flowers into your kitchen, but what do home decor experts recommend? Check out the list below for our favorite ways to brighten up your kitchen with flowers.

Unique Ways to Fill Your Kitchen With Flowers

Use Flowers as a Centerpiece

There’s a reason why flowers are often placed at the center of a table. This decorative method lets flowers become a visual anchor, enhancing the rest of the table. Flowers with colorful petals or an interesting bulb shape are recommended for this design trick. You can think beyond the dining table – islands also look great with a centerpiece.

Plant Flowers in Non-Traditional Container 

Flowers are pretty, but the right pot can make them dazzle even more. However, one kitchen decor trick lets you think outside the flowerpot. Try planting flowers in dishes you normally wouldn’t. Containers like teapots, mason jars, and plastic food containers with misplaced lids all make creative pots for flowers. Try thinking of your own ideas!

Place Flowers On Open Shelves

Many believe that keeping every pantry and cupboard door is the best way to keep a kitchen uncluttered. However, keeping some shelves’ doors open, or having some doorless shelves, adds a bit of personality to this space. Placing flowers on open shelves is a great way to liven up this decor idea.

Embrace Color With a Striking Accent 

Plenty of kitchens use neutral shades to their advantage, but a splash of color can bring a sense of joy to this room. Flowers are a great way to do this. An arrangement of roses, for example, can add a vivid touch with just about any color of your choice. Don’t be afraid to match other objects, like pillows and bowls, to your flowers’ petals.

Cook With Flowers You Can Eat

Did you know that many professional chefs use flowers as an ingredient or garnish in plenty of recipes? It’s true – clover, lavender, honeysuckle, and plenty of other flowers can be found in delicious dishes. Research ways to incorporate flowers into your favorite recipes, and your kitchen will smell even better than usual.

Decorate With a Luxury Rose Arrangement 

There are many directions to take when decorating a kitchen. From deep rustic earth tones to a classic ‘50s diner-style, plenty of home decorators love adding creative twists to this room. But what if you want to give your kitchen a dash of elegance?

A box of roses arranged in a luxurious container is the way to go. This inclusion can bring a sense of passion and poise to your kitchen. 


The kitchen is one of the most beloved, majestic sections of a home. Don’t be afraid to spruce up this space with flowers – the more, the merrier.