How to Make Valentine’s Day A Family Affair

How to Make Valentine’s Day A Family Affair

Family-Friendly Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love. Period. There is no rule to say that this love needs to be celebrated between lovers. Whether you’re single or coupled, a Mom or a Dad, a Grandfather or Grandmother, an Aunt or an Uncle, you can celebrate anyone you love, including your chosen family and friends. 

Here, we list some of the best ways to partake in some family-friendly activities on Valentine’s Day.

Bake Cookies Together

The creative limits are boundless, and the quality time is priceless. Spend some time baking with your loved ones. Between engaging with each other through the fun of creating your tasty masterpieces and savouring in all of your hard work when the timer goes off, baking is a great way to enjoy family time together. 

Ice Skating

Whether you’re in a warmer climate or bundled in sub-zero temperatures, ice skating is an activity that is available almost anywhere. Handholding and rosy-cheeked kisses are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this family adventure.

Trip to The Zoo

This is one for all-ages to enjoy. There is something magical about visiting the zoo, even as adults. It is truly humbling about experiencing different wildlife from around the world. And enjoying it together makes it even more magical.

Backyard Camping

Get packing! A quiet night under the stars in the comfort of your home’s backyard is truly awe-inspiring and peaceful. Marshmallow-roasting, stargazing, the smell of fresh air and an evening filled with laughter, reminiscing, and ghost stories. What more could you ask for? Take it to the next level and cook breakfast outside in the morning, too. Uninterrupted and unplugged memories with those you love.

Game Night 

It doesn’t seem to matter how old you are, a good game night surrounded by people you love is always a great idea. This is one you may want to save for Valentine’s Day. 


Gather up your loved ones and give back to your community and/or those in need. Nothing will send you and your loved one’s home with a bigger heart than that of spending an afternoon helping others, with those you love. Bonus: Your kids will learn valuable lessons through this experience.

Valentine Exchange

There is no rule that states that Valentine’s notes and cards are strictly for the younger generation. This tradition is ageless and can make anyone’s heart grow 5 sizes. Set up a secret valentine game and keep everyone guessing who they received theirs from.

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Scavenger Hunt

This one can be taken to many different levels of fun. Make it a weekend affair to spread the love a little thicker.

Gift Exchange

Gifts are a way to show appreciation to those you love. The thought process behind it can be very meaningful to those receiving the gift, and it’s win-win for all since giving is just as rewarding as receiving. It’s love all around and there are so many incredible love-inspired gifts waiting for your heartfelt words to be placed alongside them.

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Love is for everyone. Even strangers. You can always find someone to love on Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re single or you have a family, the important part is to acknowledge and appreciate those who make your heart beat a little harder.