How to Plan a Bachelor Party

How to Plan a Bachelor Party

Tips For Throwing a Fun, Gorgeous Party For the Last Bachelor

Someone special in your life is getting married, and you’re in charge of hosting the celebration.

A great bachelor party can remind the groom-to-be that he has amazing friends who support him and it creates an opportunity to take a break from the stress of life and just let loose. Plus, this special ceremony is the last time he'll be able to party as an unmarried person.

You’re Hosting the Party: Now What?

As a host, you want your party to provide carefree fun, and create perfect opportunities for stories to tell ten years down the road. Even if you enforce a “what happens at the bachelor party, stays at the bachelor party” rule, you should still want the groom to be impressed with your decorations. Consider the following tips for an incredibly amusing party.

These Tips Will Help You Host a Legendary Bachelor Party

Don’t Forget The Invitations

Whether you plan closely with the groom or you opt to make the party a surprise, it’s up to you to select a time, date, and venue. Let the guests know what they should expect in terms of attitude and attire. If everyone is on the same page, everyone will have fun and give the groom the night he deserves.

Pick a Creative Theme

Think of a funny or interesting theme. The groom's favorite activity or travel destination might make a good theme, while other popular options include 007, poker, sports, Las Vegas, or the hilarious Office-themed "gutenprank." If you’d prefer not to specify a theme, choose a strong color scheme.

Ride in a Limo

Does the groom need to be transported to your venue? Give them star treatment by renting a limousine just for him, or ride as a group.

Drinks Are a Must

No bachelor party is complete without bubbly refreshments. Whiskey, wine, and cocktails are the key to a fun celebration, but you may want to avoid going overboard -- especially if the wedding takes place the following day.


Make sure to enhance everyone’s experience with plenty of decorations. Balloons, streamers, lights, and edgy flowers are essentials. For a sophisticated, bold atmosphere, make a luxury arrangement of black, royal blue, silver, or gold roses the focal point of your décor.


Invite Entertainment

Keep your guests entertained with an engaging performer. You could choose a band, a celebrity impersonator, or an act that’s far more sensual – anything goes at a bachelor party.

Give the Bride Special Treatment

While the goal is for everyone to have fun, there’s one person you should keep as top priority: the groom-to-be. Use decorations to signal his importance, like a badge, hat, or shirt.

Let Loose

Don’t overthink the bachelor party. It’s not meant to inspire the amount of stress a wedding would. It’s meant to be an opportunity to be carefree, celebrate, and let the groom shake out all his nerves before the big day.

Use these tips to throw a flawless bachelor party. Depending on how the celebration goes, you’ll create great memories – or you won’t remember anything at all.