How to Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day Celebration with Bae

How to Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day Celebration with Bae

Romantic Valentines Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day 2021 will be unlike any previous iteration of the romantic holiday. It may seem harder than normal to celebrate with your partner, but rest assured – Cupid is still aiming his bow. You and your partner deserve the opportunity to spend a romantic date together. With these tips, you’ll be ready to share an unforgettable date with your lover. 

Choose An Out Of The Box Activity

Spice up Valentine’s Day by walking on the wild side. Sure, dinners and movies are nice, but have you ever been rock-climbing on a date? Or, how about a hot air balloon ride? Research your city’s outlets for adventure to plan an out-of-the-box date your partner will never forget. 

Get Dressed Up

On Valentine’s Day, how you present yourself shows your partner how you feel about them. This is the day to pull out all the stops, so dress up and pay extra attention to your grooming. Perfume or cologne definitely adds a necessary touch of romance.

Book a Luxury Hotel Room

A visit to a luxury hotel can be beneficial for many reasons. Not only will you get out of the house, but you and your partner will be in an environment that is specifically designed to fuel romance. Some hotels offer luxury packages, so learn about these before you book your room.

Light Sensual Candles

No romantic evening is complete without candlelight. Turn up the romance by lighting a unique, sensual candle, like this Greek goddess-inspired piece from Dose of Roses.

Cook Together 

You don’t need a reservation at a fancy restaurant to make Valentine’s Day special. Instead, considering cooking a meal together. The activity will be both fun and intellectually stimulating, and it will strengthen your cooperation skills as a couple.

Surprise Your Partner With Roses and Chocolates

Treat your partner to a classic Valentine’s gift combination: roses and chocolate. Roses are an iconic symbol of passion and romance, making them a Valentine’s Day essential. Chocolates, meanwhile, cover the sweeter side of love. Consider giving your partner a luxury box of hand-crafted gourmet truffles.

Go to the Spa Together

What better way to spend time with your partner than at the spa? With revitalized bodies and spirits, you and your partner will feel great, and those feelings will translate into your relationship. To bring the indulgent atmosphere of the spa into your home, consider getting matching pairs of luxury rose satin robes.

Customize a Luxury Flower Arrangement

Flowers are a date night essential, but there’s one way you can add a personal touch to this classic gift. Through Dose of Roses, you can create a personalized luxury rose arrangement. Choose the color, style, and much more to give your lover flowers like they’ve never seen them.

Gift Them a Rose Teddy Bear

This gift combines every aspect of love: teddy bears make an undeniably cute gift, while the roses add a touch of passion and love. Rose teddy bears are available in a handful of colors and sizes, and last a lifetime without any necessary care.

Do a Wine Tasting

Winery tours are the hottest dating trend, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re adventurous and educational, allowing you to share a special experience with your partner. Research your city’s winery or cellar tours for the ultimate wine adventure.