How To Should Celebrate National Rose Day

How To Celebrate National Rose Day

This Special Day Marks The Beginning of Valentine’s Week

Everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is meant to be shared between lovers, but did you know that there’s a whole week dedicated to romance? True romantics celebrate their love life throughout an eight-day period known as Valentine’s Week. During this period, which begins right before Valentine’s Day, each day represents a different aspect of love.
Valentine’s Week starts with Rose Day on February 7 – not to be confused with Rosé Day in June, though we’re certainly looking forward to that day, too!
Celebrating Rose Day is a great way to give your partner a sweet surprise and put a twist on your normal Valentine’s Day traditions. Keep reading to learn about Valentine’s Week and how to plan the perfect Rose Day.

How To Celebrate Rose Day

February 7 marks this special day, on which you can set the tone for Valentine’s Week. Make sure to decorate with roses: the more, the merrier. It’s also a good idea to give your significant other a bouquet of roses, or a dazzling luxury rose arrangement.
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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Week

Rose Day kicks off Valentine’s Week, which gives you an opportunity to show daily gestures of love and appreciation towards your significant other. Each day has a theme, and we’ve explained each one below.

Propose Day

February 8 marks Propose Day, which is self-explanatory. If you have the courage to pop the question, this is the day to do it.

Chocolate Day

February 9 marks Chocolate Day, which is the right time to sweeten up Valentine’s Week. Gift your significant others chocolates and candy, or take them on a romantic dessert outing.

Teddy Day

February 10 marks Teddy Day, which is a favorite among lovers who gush at the sight of cozy stuffed animals. Get your partner an adorable teddy, or go on a theme park or arcade date and win them a stuffed toy in a carnival game.
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Promise Day

February 11 marks Promise Day, which is all about commitment. This is the day to have serious conversations about the future of your relationship, but take some of the pressure off by doing something fun or fulfilling.

Hug Day

February 12 marks Hug Day, which recognizes an underappreciated gesture of love. Scientific research shows that receiving a hug releases a hormone called Oxytocin, which is associated with stress relief and happiness, so be sure to get in plenty of hugs on this day.

Kiss Day

February 13 marks Kiss Day, which falls just before the big one: Valentine’s Day. On this day, it’s important to prioritize the quality of your kisses over the quantity of them. That means sharing a special, tender kiss with your partner.
Valentine’s Week ends on February 14, and no matter how much effort you put into celebrating the prior days, you should pull out all the stops for the grand finale. Plan a perfect date that incorporates the best parts of each of the prior days, and your relationship will achieve new levels of romance and passion.