How to Show Someone You Love Them on Valentine’s Day

How to Show Someone You Love Them on Valentine’s Day

Ways To Express How You Feel On The Most Romantic Day Of The Year

There are the traditional ways of showing someone how much you truly love them and then there are next level displays of affection.

Let’s explore some of the traditional and more unique ways to show your love how you really feel.

Showing Genuine Care

Love Letters

Love letters are an ageless tradition. There is nothing quite like receiving unique and genuine words from your partner that have come straight from the heart. Take it one step further and have your words framed or written on beautiful paper. It’s the gift that keeps on giving and it is a wonderful memento that you can always go back to years later and feel your heart flutter again.

Roses that Represent Your Lasting Commitment

Roses are the ultimate symbol representing love. It’s what we think of when we think of roses. Now, imagine if you could give your love a rose that lasts for five years, representing your lasting commitment to one another. With Dose of Roses, you can!


Romantic Adventure

From private cooking lessons, to hot air balloon rides, an adventure date is always a memorable one.

Romantic Scavenger or Treasure Hunt

This is one you can customize to represent all of the little ins and outs of your relationship and what you love about who you are together. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s romantic and it will have your bae feeling on top of the world, knowing how much thought and effort you put into organizing it. You can also make sure that the final treasure is super special.


Surprise Trip

While you may not be able to travel to many destinations right now, that does not mean you can’t travel. Pick a spot close-by that is magical. I promise, if you look, you will find one. Not only that, it’s great to support local spots as much as possible right now.

Personalized Gift

You can get a star named after your boo. It’s true. And you can also get a map of the stars based on what the sky looked like the moment you met. Or maybe you’d prefer to get your creativity on by creating a scrapbook of you story together. Nothing says love quite like a gift that is tailor made to represent your love for one another.



The ultimate expression of your love and commitment. Love is in the air, the energy is electric, and getting down one knee on this special day screams perfection.