How to Take Your Valentines Day Gift to the Next Level

How to Take Your Valentine's Day Gift to the Next Level

Elevated Gift Ideas For Your Valentine

Once a year, we all get the perfect opportunity to show our loved ones just how much they mean to us – Valentine's Day. It is the perfect time to spoil your sweetheart with romantic gestures, gifts, and experiences that they often don't get every other day of the year. It is a time to surprise and mesmerize.

Why It's Important to Spoil Your Valentine

This year, take a step beyond the simple breakfast in bed and box of chocolates. Get inspired by these luxury Valentine's Day gift ideas (valued at over $500) to give your loved one a day they will never, ever forget!

Luxury Gift Ideas

Biggest Rose Arrangement You Can Find

Go big or go home! We've all sent a rose to someone we love, but have you ever sent 150 roses at once? At Dose of Roses, the Love Rectangle is available for those who want to really wow their partners. Over 150 preserved roses come neatly packed in a large rectangular luxury box. To take it a step further, you can even request to have your sweetheart's name spelled out in the roses or another message.


Personalized Flower Arrangement That Lasts

If you prefer an even more personalized option for your rose arrangement, Doses of Roses is here for you again. With 14 different kinds of luxurious arrangement boxes, several arrangement styles and many colours, you can create your own arrangement that best suits your needs and the needs of the one you love! With this option, there are dozens of ways you could choose to spoil them.

Featured Collection: PERSUEDE COLLECTION
Featured Collection: LEATHER COLLECTION


Say I love you with a little sparkle. Diamonds and gold often speak louder than words. When you give a gift of jewelry to the one you love, you are sharing with them just how valuable you believe they are. Is your love rare? Does your love shine bright? Say it with jewelry.


Nothing sets the romantic mood quite like a lacey, racy piece of lingerie. They say that couples who play together stay together, so a great luxury gift idea is always lingerie. Keep the romance alive in the bedroom with designer lingerie sets – whether that is hosiery, corsets, teddies, or peignoirs, we'll leave that to your imagination.


Experiences last forever. When you take a trip with the one you love, you are preserving those good feelings of lounging, exploring, and being free to roam together in a new spot. France, Italy, Greece, Belize, Costa Rica, Bali, Africa, the Middle East, and Australia are all good options. Any destination will set both your hearts on fire and create lasting memories.

Private Chef

Similar to travel, the experience of fine dining is always luxurious. They say the way to the heart is through the stomach, so why not take it a step further and spoil your favourite person with the dining experience of a lifetime? Share a candle-lit dinner where a private chef can offer you unique meals you have never tried before. Share the appetizers, eat off each other's plates, and leave a little room for dessert – each other.

Designer Bag

A designer bag is a good way of blending luxury with the practical. These are popular status symbols for a reason. A handbag goes with you everywhere. They carry everything you need when out and about each day. Keys, lipstick, wallet, you name it. Each time your special someone will wear their designer bag, they will think of you. There aren't that many gifts you can use all day, every day.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

When you are in love, it is common at times to feel like you are floating. Why not float for real with that special someone? The views you can experience and share together floating in a hot air balloon are spectacular. Bonus points if the hot air balloon ride is over a particularly picturesque landscape like the lavender fields of France, rainforest, or lush fields and woods.

Once a year, we have the chance to show the one we love just how much they mean to us. We should take this day to spoil them with at least one of these luxury gift ideas!