How to Throw a Fail-Proof Surprise Party

How to Throw a Fail-Proof Surprise Party

Pull Off An Epic Surprise Party With These Steps

You’ve always wanted to throw a surprise party for your friend’s birthday, engagement, new job, or other milestone worth celebrating. Surprise parties bring mischievous fun and an unforgettable reaction. It takes a lot of hard work to pull one of these parties off, though. How do you keep everyone in the loop without the party’s subject finding out?

Consider these sneaky tips, and you’ll pull off a scheme worth celebrating.

Plan a Surprise Party With These Devious Tips

Assemble Your Surprise Squad

It takes a village to plan a surprise party. Don’t try to do it all on your own. Create a power circle with your friends, and brainstorm together. You’ll need to rely on each other to keep your plans under wraps.

Make Your Guest List 

When you choose who will be invited, take extra caution with people who might ruin the surprise. Also, keep the party’s subject in mind. Invite their friends, not yours. This is their party, after all!

Use Social Media for Invitations

The way you invite guests is critical to the party’s success. Make it crystal clear that guests cannot inform the subject of the party. You’ll also want the invitations to have as many details as possible, because questions can lead to slip-ups.

Choose Your Location Wisely 

You might throw the party at your own home, or choose a venue, like a restaurant, park, or bar. In any case, make sure the location is somewhere that won’t arouse suspicion.

Come Up With An Alibi

You’ll need to come up with a compelling story to keep the subject distracted. For this diabolical operation to work, your story must make as much sense as possible.

Display Discrete Decorations

A party just isn’t the same without decorations. Still, too many decorations will give away the surprise. To avoid this, start with items that don’t scream “party” – roses are a more discrete option than balloons or streamers.


Don’t Forget The Food

If your party will be at a restaurant, let the staff in on the secret! They may be able to help you with cake-cutting, for example. If you’re partying at home, you may choose to cater food or hold a potluck. Just be sure that, if you do host a potluck, guests don’t all bring the same thing: 20 bags of chips and no appetizers does not sound like a great party.

Have Fun!

The stress of planning your party in secret can make you forget the true purpose of a party: to celebrate. Try to enjoy every step of the party-planning process, and if things don’t go according to plan, don’t sweat it! An “almost surprise party” can still be a blast.

With these tips, your secret mission will almost definitely be a success. Watch out: your covert party-planning skills might inspire your friends to throw another surprise party for you.