How to Throw a Remote Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah

How to Throw a Remote Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah

Host The Perfect ‘Zoomitzvah’ With These Tips 

A bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah is a special Jewish ceremony that marks an important point in a young person’s life. It indicates an important step towards manhood or womanhood and is packed with important religious ceremonial activities. It should also be enjoyable, as the youth is joined by their friends for this special moment. 

COVID-19 has changed the way we celebrate, with most gatherings either getting cancelled, postponed, or held virtually. You don’t have to let the pandemic ruin the bar or bat mitzvah you’ve been planning. Instead, embrace the virtual side of celebrating, and throw an event that honors tradition and brings people together while they are apart. Many have nicknamed this approach ‘the zoomitzvah,’ and plenty of families have found ways to make it work.

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Easy Ways to Make Your Virtual Bar or Bat Mitzvah A Success

Find a Way To Get Access To A Torah

Ceremonious readings are vital for a bar or bat mitzvah. It’s up to you how you want to incorporate these readings. You could either use an app or another digital resource or see if your synagogue will allow you to access their materials.

Hold a Dress Rehearsal

You’ll need to choose a virtual chat service that all of your guests can use. For many of them, it will be their first time using the digital platform you pick. Guests will need time to get used to using it, and there will surely be technical difficulties. Hold a practice run and let guests learn how to use the chat service. If one participant is particularly well-versed in using technology, you may designate them to help others who face challenges.

Create a Digital Sign-In Book

One of the keepsakes that comes from a bar or bat mitzvah is the sign-in book, in which family and friends can leave heartfelt messages. Fortunately, there are many online tools that can replicate this experience. You could also choose to make a “sign-in video” which allows you to see the faces behind the kind messages.

Give The Kids Their Time To Bond

It’s hard for kids to have fun and be themselves if they’re sharing screen space with dozens of adults. Let the kids have their own virtual after-party. Alternatively, you could use an online service with multiple chat rooms.

Use Technology

Embrace the digital aspects of your ceremony. Add an interactive slideshow and record parts of the chat for future viewing. To make the event more enjoyable to younger participants, incorporate games or Tiktok. 

Decorate Your Room

You may not be able to visit a decorated venue, but you can still make your space dazzle. Decorate your background with the subject's favorite things or colors, and incorporate roses for an added splash of elegance.

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If you plan accordingly, you can make your zoomitzvah more than a compromise. It will be an unforgettable event that marks an important milestone and offers a reminder that you can still do special things even when the world faces hardships.