Mysterious Flower Species from All Over the World

Mysterious Flower Species from All Over the World

The Most Unique Flowers from Unexpected Places 

Flowers and plants are all the rage these days. They have been for as long as time, but now more than ever, people are bringing the beauty of nature into their homes – and for good reason. Flowers bring happiness and freshness to your space and instill a sense of peace and tranquility.

Let’s explore some of the most exotic and unique flowers that can bring a sense of warmth and light to your space during a time where traveling is difficult or near impossible.

Strange, Beautiful, and Magnificent  


Heliconia originates from Central and South America, but they are found planted in tropical climates all around the world. They symbolize beauty and youth and always look fresh.

The Blue Passionflower

This stunning flower is said to have been found in Peru. With its bright colors and deep level of intricacy and detail, it is also said to have medicinal value, aiding in ailments such as headaches, cramps, and anxiety.

The Lotus 

The lotus is a treasured wonder in Hinduism and Buddhism. They are considered to be one of the most sacred flowers, and are associated with gods and goddesses in Vietnamese culture. There is a lot of mystery surrounding this flower, which is actually a living fossil, having arrived in Egypt and India.


Bird of Paradise

This gorgeous flower resembles the most beautiful bird. This South American tropical was chosen as the floral emblem of Los Angeles, California. The flower is a mix of bright blue petals with fluorescent orange sepals, and the blue petals are filled with sugar water. It truly is a tropical dream.

Tacca Intergrifolia (White Batflower)

This flower is a tropical perennial which originated in central Asia. It’s a strange one. It almost has an eeriness to it and is thought to resemble a bat; thus, its nickname.

Osiria Rose

This beautiful rose was originally bred in Germany and introduced in France. It has taken the internet by storm with its beautiful deep red exterior petals and white interior, and for good reason. Roses are an incredibly beautiful flower, and they are filled with meaning and history. No matter which you choose, they make a statement.