Planning a Honeymoon During a Pandemic

Planning a Honeymoon During a Pandemic

Don’t Let COVID-19 Ruin Your Honeymoon Plans

The pandemic has put a damper on a whole lot of wedding and honeymoon plans. That’s the reality. But if you put your minds together, you can really come up with something beautiful, magical, and perhaps, even better than what you had initially dreamed up.

Honeymoon Ideas that are Pandemic-Friendly

A Staycation

While this may not sound nearly as exciting as the trip you may have had in mind before the pandemic, this one can be surprisingly exciting. There are many ways to discover new and exciting places that aren’t so far from home. Book a hotel room or an Airbnb and let your imagination transport you to a sunny, far away destination.

Book a Luxury Stay in Your Town or City

Now is the time to splurge. Book the most epic, luxurious stay you can dream of. Pamper yourselves with spa treatments, delicious food, and romance. Be sure to set the mood in the room for your boo too.


Travel to a Resort or Picturesque Town in your State

If you do some research, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how many beautiful places are in your very own state that you have never even heard of. You can usually find this information online and you may just discover an almost secret little spot that many have never heard of.

Rent a Cabin in the Mountains

Is there anything more romantic than a cabin in the mountains? Crisp morning air as you sip your coffee, a fireplace roaring at night, cozy blankets and warm snuggles with a hot chocolate in hand. Forest walks. Stargazing in the evening whilst bundled up together. Chances are, you won’t even miss the warm sunny beach vacation you originally had in mind. 

Go Camping

Unplug and leave technology at home. Head to the woods, pitch a tent, and sit in the outdoors by a fire with your love. Camping does not mean you have to eat hot dogs either. Plan gourmet camping-friendly meals to cook together and enjoy under the stars. This experience will most definitely bring you even closer together and turn up the heat.

Countries Allowing Visitors

Your dreams of going on a trip don’t have to be cancelled. There are some spots that are still allowing travelers to visit. Do some research online. While it may not be the destination you had hoped for, things tend to happen for a reason. Maybe you’re meant to discover something new together.

Skiing and/or Snowboarding

Skiing and/or snowboarding together is a beautiful experience. Whether you’re learning together and laughing throughout, or you’re pros heading down the mountain together, there is something magical about a day in the snow. Rosy cheeks, foggy breath, hand-holding, and cold kisses on the chair lift as you take in breathtaking views. The mountains have a way of providing you with the perfect backdrop for romance. 


Set the Mood

If you set the mood and plan a day of romance, you can turn anything into a romantic escape. Music, candles, roses, and personal touches can transform any space into a romantic oasis.


Don’t be discouraged by the pandemic. What really matters is the time you spend together and there are a million ways to make it just as memorable for the two of you.