Realtor's Gift Ideas For Brand New Homeowners

Realtor's Gift Ideas For Brand New Homeowners

Ways Realtors Can Celebrate With Clients Post Closing

As a realtor, you want your client to have the best experience possible. Your reputation and your client’s happiness depend on the experience you both have.

As a common courtesy, realtors often give a closing gift to their clients. This is a final chance to end the exchange on a good note, and it will make the client feel truly welcomed into their new home.

With so many possible gift options, it can be hard to settle on one. Read below for gift ideas that will leave a great impression on your client.


A rose arrangement makes an excellent closing gift for a new homeowner. Roses brighten any room and symbolize that you care about your client. Through Dose of Roses, you can order roses arranged in plenty of striking and creative designs, like an elegant marble arrangement or a bold leather arrangement.

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Home Décor

Help your client brighten up their new home with some new decorations. Get creative with your gift –art, candles, a nice vase, or even something practical like a pillow set or a blanket are great examples of home décor that your brighten up the new home.

Welcome Mat

A welcome mat can be heartfelt, stylish, or even funny, but it is ultimately a symbolic gift: you are literally welcoming your client into their new home. Though this gift may seem simple at first glance, consider that your client will remember your thoughtfulness every time they enter their home.


Nothing will take the heat off the stress of moving like a bottle of wine. To make your gift special, pair it with a personalized label, chocolates, or flowers.


Add to your client’s kitchen collection by giving elegant glassware. This gift is practical and gives you plenty of options. You may choose something simple like wine glasses or a variety set, or something more bold, like a set of champagne flutes.


Liquor is a versatile gift with many options. You want your client to celebrate a successful exchange, and many types of liquor symbolize celebration.


Chocolates are an undeniable crowd-pleaser, acting as the perfect gift to satisfy your client’s sweet tooth. To show you truly value their experience, consider an elegant chocolate arrangement, like a handcrafted gourmet truffle box from Dose of Roses.

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Nothing brings out a smile like a homemade gift, and a baked dessert is the most heartfelt route to take. Consider something that can be shared if your client is moving in a family or large group. Even if you don’t trust your baking skills, you can gift dessert by purchasing something from a local bakery – this way, you’ll introduce your client to a business near their new home.


Plants are a great way to add life to a home. If your client isn’t familiar with keeping and maintaining plants, choose something simple, like a cactus, succulent, or pothos plant. Make sure to keep your client’s allergies in mind, and include any instructions necessary for the care of the plant.

Gift Basket

Can’t decide on one gift? Not sure what your client would like? A gift basket is a sure-fire way to impress your client. Gift baskets often include a mix of eye-catching and practical items, like flowers, chocolates, glassware, and much more. For a local touch, purchase a gift basket from a local shop.