Realtor's Gift Ideas For Celebrity Clients

Realtor's Gift Ideas For Celebrity Clients

Tips For Choosing a Closing Gift for Celebrity Clients

So, you finally closed on a house for your celebrity client. As a realtor, you worked hard to ensure your celebrity client was matched to the right home. So, it goes without saying that you'll want to end their experience on the perfect note. But what do you get for the client that has everything? To help you in your search for the perfect congratulatory gift, we've provided a few ideas that are sure to impress any high-profile client.

What Types Of Gifts Should You Get Celebrity Clients?

What do you get the client who has everything? It may seem hard to choose the right gift, but we’ve highlighted a few great selections below. Pay close attention to what your client chooses to share with you, as these details may allow you to select a personalized gift.

Square Rose Arrangement

A rose arrangement makes an excellent closing gift for a celebrity client. They brighten any room and symbolize that you care about your client. Through Dose of Roses, you can order roses arranged in squares, which are designed in a sleek and sophisticated manner. These long-lasting roses can be ordered in large and small boxes.



Champagne is an excellent choice as a closing gift, as it symbolizes celebration. Ideally, you want your client to celebrate their new home. Champagne pairs greatly with other gifts, too – great champagne pairings may include a set of crystal flutes, confections, or a luxury wine chiller.

Personalized Roses

Roses are beloved by all, but a personalized arrangement of roses will show your client that you truly care about their satisfaction. Considering customizing a rose arrangement through Dose of Roses – you can select the color scheme, arrangement style, the note attached, and much more.


Liquor is a solid choice for a closing gift. If you know your client’s taste in liquor, you can shape your decision around it. Otherwise, you may choose an assorted gift set of liquor, or pair the liquor with elegant glassware.

Round Marble Arrangement

Consider a round marble arrangement of roses from Dose of Roses. This arrangement is timeless and fashionable – the spherical shape represents unity, while the marble itself is a classic symbol of purity. Your client will be overjoyed by this long-lasting, luxurious gift.

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Dinner at a Top-Rated Restaurant

As a realtor, your celebrity client is counting on you to know the ins and outs of the area surrounding their new home. By treating your client to dinner at a nearby top-rated restaurant, your client will get to know their new home better. To give your client a truly stress-free experience, you may choose to organize the reservation for them.

24K Gold Dipped Roses

Gold and roses are both iconic symbols of luxury and passion – so why not combine them for the ultimate elegant gift? Through Dose of Roses, you can order real 24-karat gold-dipped roses, which are hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind.

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Consultation With an Interior Designer

Help your client turn their new property into a home by connecting them to an interior designer. You may use your knowledge as a realtor to select a particular designer, or use an online service like Havenly or Laurel and Wolf.

Galaxy Roses

Roses are beautiful, but galaxy roses from Dose of Roses are out of this world. These stunning roses are delicately frozen and covered in an iridescent holographic coating. The result? Dazzling roses that will brighten any arrangement.