Special Ways to Say Thank You

Special Ways to Say Thank You

What to Do When Saying “Thank You” Doesn’t Feel Like Enough

Has someone helped you in a major way, or shown you kindness in a way that stuck with you? Showing gratitude is one of the most important things to do when someone offers their support. But simply saying “thank you” might not always feel like the most appropriate thing to do.

Sometimes, non-verbal actions are the best way to say “thank you.” Consider these ideas to show your gratitude.

8 Meaningful Ways to Say Thank You

Replicate Their Kindness

If someone supports you, the most obvious way to show appreciation is to offer the same level of support to them. This can help foster a healthy dynamic, and it shows that you understand the value of kindness.

Pay It Forward

Is the person you’re thanking passionate about a particular cause of issue? Show your gratitude by making a donation, showing up at an event, or committing to learning more about the cause. By offering your genuine interest, they’ll instantly feel warm and fuzzy.

Say It With Roses

Who doesn’t love receiving flowers? They’re an easy, vibrant way to brighten up any indoor or outdoor display. Roses in particular will signal that you are appreciative, so consider giving single roses, or a luxurious arrangement.


Make a D.I.Y. Gift

Handmade gifts tend to feel particularly heartfelt. Make a crafty item or cook something. The recipient will definitely understand how grateful you are.

Donate Your Time

Not all gifts have to come in the form of a physical item. Sometimes, the best way to say thank you is to offer your valuable time. Help with a chore or task to express your gratitude by making the recipient’s life a little easier.

Do Something Together

Say “thank you” with quality time! Sharing brunch, going to the movies, or hosting a fun get-together are all great ways to show someone that you value what they bring to your life.

Promote Them

Does the person who helped you run a small business? Are they an entertainer? Many people hope to put their name out there for a number of reasons. Share their name to your social network, and they’ll surely appreciate the gesture.

Be Consistent

You won’t need to come up with sporadic gestures to show appreciation if you regularly express gratitude. Make a habit out of saying “thank you” and recognizing the value of the support others offer you. This good habit will certainly rub off on others.


Whether you choose to say thank you verbally, with gifts, or through gestures, your gratitude will go a long way.