Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Ideas

Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Ideas

What To Gift the Hostess With the Mostess This Thanksgiving

When invited to Thanksgiving, it can feel rude to show up empty-handed. Not sure what to bring? Keep reading for some hostess gift ideas for anyone attending a Thanksgiving dinner.

What Is a Hostess Gift?

If you’ve been invited to a dinner party, it’s a nice gesture to thank the host with a gift. This does not have to be expensive or elaborate. A simple, small gift can express plenty of gratitude toward the party host. Still, you should consider a few circumstances. If the party is a potluck, food itself should suffice. If you do not know the hosts well, a good gift will show that you are dedicated to fostering a friendship if it may present itself as an option.

Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Ideas

Since Thanksgiving is all about gratitude, a hostess gift can go a long way at a Thanksgiving Dinner. It can be hard to narrow down what makes an appropriate gift choice, so you may choose to take advantage of the timing and get a gift that is festive or fall-themed. We’ve got plenty of ideas that will wow your host.


A homemade dessert is sure to please the host and other dinner guests. There are countless crowd-pleasing recipes out there: You may surprise your host with a creative dessert, like fall chocolate-covered strawberries or cheesecake-stuffed baked apples. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a fall favourite, like an old-fashioned pumpkin pie.

Roses in Seasonal Colours

Roses are a classic addition to any festive arrangement. While red roses are always eye-catching, there are actually plenty of other colour options. For example, a seasonal arrangement of roses with warm colours could bring life to your Thanksgiving dinner.

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Glassware is practical and versatile, making it an excellent choice for a hostess gift. If you know your host well, you may choose to get creative with glassware by picking a set with prints of their interests. There’s something for everyone – These glasses are printed with maps of college towns, while these are printed with famous literature and historical texts.


Wine is a classic choice for a dinner party, and for a good reason. This option is convenient and sure to please your host. If you want to add a touch of personal heartfulness for Thanksgiving, consider adding a customized label to the bottle.

Seasonal Décor

Seasonal décor is a great option because it can last for weeks after Thanksgiving, all the way through the approaching holiday season. A wreath can leave a big smile on your host’s face, and a fall candle will add comfort to any room. For something more casual, consider a festive mug.

Customized Cutting Board

Every party host needs cooking supplies. You can never have too many cutting boards, so why not give your host one? For a personal touch, pick one that has a customizable message.

Holiday Tree Ornament

The holidays are right around the corner from Thanksgiving, so ornaments make a great gift. Any festive decoration is an excellent choice, but you may consider gifting a homemade ornament if you’re feeling crafty.