The History of Gifting Flowers

The History of Gifting Flowers

The Tradition Lives On 

The gift of flowers is easily one of the most popular and special ways to express any type of emotion. They are a beautiful visual representation of emotion that can lift someone’s spirits, make them smile, and have them feel connected to you and to nature.

The Tradition Behind the Gift

A Look Back 

Gifting flowers is something that goes way back. Back before the Middle Ages, in fact. It is something that has gradually shifted, like any other tradition. But no matter which culture you observe, from Greek to Chinese or Egyptian cultures, flowers as a gift were a large part of the social norm back in the day. It was very common for someone to display emotion through this gift during a time when people were not as comfortable expressing themselves emotionally.

Victorian Era

Victorians loved gifting flowers. Manners were big during this time and flowers were the perfect way to display emotion that people found difficult to express. There is even meaning behind how the roses are held when given to someone. Roses pointing down when they’re being handed to the receiver could symbolize anger during these times. Therefore, if you want to give someone this beautiful romantic gift, we recommend ensuring you’re holding them the right way up.


A Special Place in History

Flowers have always held a special place in history, and the tradition has lived on after hundreds of years. Today, we still gift flowers to our loved ones for multiple occasions, sometimes for no reason except to say I love you. Flowers are also changing. You can find exotic flowers not native to your country and there are far more options available.

A Guide to Gifting Flowers

As a general rule, the following colours represent specific emotions:

  • Red Roses: Romance
  • Red Carnations: Love for family and/or Mothers
  • White: Mourning
  • Bluebells: Gratitude
  • Iris: Congratulatory
  • Sunflowers: Loyalty and adoration

One thing is for certain, giving someone flowers will always bring whichever sentiment you wish to express, to the forefront.