The Meaning Behind Popular Floral Tattoos

The Meaning Behind Popular Floral Tattoos

Flower Tattoos and Their Significance

Tattoos can make a statement about who you are and what you represent. They can be a map to who you are as a person and what you have been through in your life, representing major life moments and/or commemorating lost loved ones.

The Most Popular Floral Tattoos


The ambrosia flower represents love and stands for love returned or reciprocated. It’s an underrated flower that has beautiful meaning behind it and makes for a gorgeous tattoo.


This one is in the lily family and is symbolic of wealth, prosperity, and fortune. It’s also the flower of friendship, playing into the heart chakra. This tattoo represents friendship, love, and your career.


The acacia flower symbolizes true and pure love. It can also symbolize retirement. As you grow with your tattoo, its beauty simply does not fade.


The anemone, which is also referred to as the “windflower” makes a perfect floral tattoo. With its deep red, blue, and white colours, the anemone flower represents forsaken love, fragility, and protection from evil. It stands for beauty and grace whilst remaining strong.


The bittersweet flower signifies honesty and truth. It also symbolizes platonic love and is the perfect dedication to a friend or family member.


Cactuses need little water to survive. They are tough and hardy. This tattoo represents endurance and perseverance.


This is the birth flower for the month of October. It has many healing properties and meanings, including ambition, respect, and grace.            


Orchids come in many colours and their delicate blooms make them seem as though they are hanging by a thread. While they may look frail, they are beautiful and symbolize children. They represent love, beauty, luxury and strength.


The traditional rose tattoo will always be a favourite amongst tattoos of the floral family. They represent love, desire, secrecy, and confidentiality. The colour you choose has a specific meaning. While red is most common for love and lust, white represents innocence and new beginnings. Dark crimson represents mourning, pink roses represent grace and happiness, and yellow roses represent joy. There are many options to choose from.



Sunflowers are admired as a symbol of unconventional beauty. They represent the sun and reflect happiness, longevity, warmth, and growth.


The primrose comes in a vibrant array of colours and lighter shades. It’s the perfect tattoo to say ”I can’t live without you.”


Poinsettias hold the magic of the holidays. They are the birth flower for December babies.

Flowers make beautiful tattoos and are backed by significant meanings which can apply to so many of life’s moments. They are a great way to honour your best memories and your best people.