The Most Romantic Gift Ideas for Your Partner

The Most Romantic Gift Ideas for Your Partner

Why You Should Spoil Your Partner When It Isn’t A Special Occasion

Did you know that if you surprise someone you love with a gift on a random day rather than a “special occasion,” that it will most likely be far more impactful? While we may not take gifts for granted on special occasions, they are far less of a surprise to us because they are part and parcel of many occasions.

Giving someone a romantic gift when they least expect it, and for no reason at all other than simply loving or appreciating them, goes such a long way. It speaks volumes about your character and theirs.

Below, we list some Dose of Roses-approved “just because” gift ideas that will surely capture the heart of the one you love.

Traditional Red Roses

A classic and bold statement that is sure to wow your love, these roses are meticulously preserved at the height of perfection and last up to 5 years.

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Rose Teddy Bear

There is nothing quite like the romance of a teddy bear. Whether it is given to curl up with in bed at night or won at a carnival, there is something truly nostalgic about a bear. Dose of Roses has one of the most unique and romantic takes on this classic.

A teddy bear made of perfectly preserved roses. What’s even more spectacular is that it lasts for 5 years without any care required.

Featured Product: ROSE BEAR

Map of the Stars

This one is truly a romantic gesture that won’t be forgotten. A map of the stars on the night that you met your love. This gift is one to sit back and admire together.

Galaxy Roses

Luxury at its finest. This one is a best seller and lasts a lifetime. This bouquet of iridescent roses arranged in an elegant suede box will have your loved one swooning.


Rose Arrangement

Choose from an array of beautifully arranged roses from Dose of Roses. These arrangements are unlike anything you have ever seen. Forget what you know about standard bouquets. Absolute perfection at its peak and preserved for years of enjoyment.

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Personalized Roses

Make the roses you gift your partner as unique as they are. There are a million ways to personalize an arrangement. Between color, setting, and what they are contained in, you can truly create something special here.

You can even have them arranged in the shape of their initials or create a custom heart shape.

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Framed Photo 

Simple yet classic. A framed photo can go a really long way and act as a daily reminder of how much you appreciate your love.


Sensual, seductive, and personal. Your partner’s favorite scent, or a new one altogether, can create a sense of romance in the air and draw you in even closer than before.

Their Favorite Wine or Liquor

Sit back, light a fire or a few candles, and enjoy a bottle of your favorite wine or liquor together. Go for quality. Your partner is worth it.