Unique Gift Ideas For Your Valentine

Unique Gift Ideas For Your Valentine

One of a Kind Gifts That Will Blow Your Valentine Away

As Valentine's Day approaches, you may find yourself wondering what to get that special someone. Sometimes it is easy to come up with popular ideas in general, but much more difficult to stand out and wow the one you love with a gift that is meaningful, precious, and special. If you are at a loss for inspiration, don't worry – we've got you covered. Here is a list of seven romantic and unique gift ideas to surprise your sweetheart with this year.

Rose Bear

Roses are the flower of love, passion, and beauty for a reason. On Valentine's Day, giving a rose to the one you love is always a good idea. At Doses of Roses, there are many different types of roses you can share with your sweetheart. While many opt for a simple bouquet, why not step outside the box this year? The Rose Teddy Bear is made almost entirely of hand-selected rose buds that last for five years. It is a simple gift that expresses your love with flowers while also being practical, cuddly, and decorative.

Gold-Dipped Roses

Another way to do roses differently this Valentine's Day is to give your partner ones that are dipped in 24K gold. These unique pieces of office or home decor are a great gift for someone you're crushing on, dating, or in an established relationship with. Show them just how precious they are to you! You've seen red roses, pink roses, yellow roses, blue roses – but how many people get gold roses on Valentine's Day?

Rose Makeup Box

If the one you love is a beauty fan more than a fresh flowers fan, Doses of Roses has what she needs too. Spoil her with the Rose Makeup Box organizer for her vanity. These come in three styles: solid black, solid white, and a light marble swirl pattern. These also come with six preserved roses tucked into one section of the make up box. 

Beauty and the Beast Inspired Enchanted Rose

Give your beauty a fairy tale-inspired Galaxy Enchanted Rose, which comes encased in a clear dome for displaying as decor. The Galaxy Enchanted Rose represents a love that is everlasting. The little lights wrapped around the petals and the base of the rose will enchant her. Whenever she sees it, she will remember your love for her will never fade.

Galaxy Roses

If you know you will love her for eternity, show her how much with a Galaxy Rose. This is for the person who you love more than all the stars in the sky or to the moon and back. Galaxy Roses are made of iridescent petals that shimmer and sparkle, with a gold tone stem. You can get them individually or in bouquets of 25 or 35. They come with a classy suede gift box. Additionally, there is even a levitating and constantly rotating galaxy rose as a home decor piece.

Marbleous Roses

A bouquet of roses doesn't need to be iridescent, of course. If the Galaxy Roses are not your loved one's cup of tea, there are many other options. You can choose your own color of blooms in the Marbleous Rose Boxes. They come packed neatly inside a classy and sophisticated marble swirl gift box.

Personalized Roses

Make it personal this year, with your own custom rose arrangement. You can choose your size, colour, style, and type of gift box at Doses of Roses.  From the small and simple, to the extravagant and enormous, there are options for all kinds and all budgets.

While roses may be a popular and classic Valentine's Day gift idea, you don't need to give her the same old, same old. Take a tried and true classic and take it a step further with Doses of Roses' many variations on roses. Whether you opt to spoil your love with an iridescent one, a gold-dipped one, or even a rose bear, you'll know – and she'll know – just how unique and precious it is. Just like your love.