Which Roses Go With Each Milestone And Anniversary?

Which Roses Go With Each Milestone And Anniversary?

A Color For Every Year And Major Life Event

Gone are the days where milestone anniversaries were marked with materials like paper or china. Nowadays, flowers are a more thoughtful and luxurious gift to mark your anniversary. In fact, every important anniversary has a specific color for roses that will signify the anniversary.

1 Year - Orange

Like the color of the sun rising over the horizon, orange roses will signify to your partner the bliss and light they have brought to your life over the last year. And just like the sun, you are telling them that every day moving forward you will keep showing up.

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5 Year – Blue or Pink

Blue or pink roses reflect the foundation of love you and your significant other have built together, though your love is still somewhat new. Like the colors of the sky seem to go on forever, so too will your love.

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10 Year – Yellow

The 10th-anniversary milestone is a very special year. After building your life together for a whole decade, show just how precious, rare, and cheerful your life is with yellow roses. These cheerful blooms will signify the joy of the past and optimism for the future. You can personalize the yellow roses you share with her in a variety of custom gift options at Doses of Roses.


15 Year - Red

The classic flower for the 15th-anniversary is the red rose. At this point in a marriage or relationship, you know that what has kept you together this long is true love and passion. Whether you choose a single rose, a small bouquet, a large bouquet, or an enormous flower arrangement, Doses of Roses can help you choose a luxurious and modern arrangement in their sophisticated suede gift box options.

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20 Year - White

The color white symbolizes wisdom and appreciation. As you celebrate your 20th anniversary together, be sure to let her know with white roses just how much you appreciate the wisdom you've gained in your journey together with a luxurious gift box full of white roses.


25 Year - Purple

Once you have celebrated 25 years together, you know it is for eternity. Your roses should represent the timeless and constant nature of your love with a shade of purple. Consider a large round in this rare shade to let them know just how long your love really is – forever.


Flowers For Other Important Milestones

First Baby – Pink or Blue Rose Bear

To celebrate your first child, the best gift idea is a little teddy bear, made almost entirely out of roses. These come in several different colors but for a baby, you can opt for either a pastel pink or blue.

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First House – White Roses

When you purchase your first house together, an excellent celebratory gift is white roses. Not only is it a romantic gesture, but it is also symbolic of the purity and new beginnings you hope to start as a foundation in this new home.


The right color for the right occasion will be a perfect gift for the one you love at any anniversary or life milestone. Be sure to let them know just how special your time together is with roses while making sure the color matches the situation, the timeline, and what their love means to you.