Adult Ideas to Help You Turn Up The Heat This Winter

Adult Ideas to Help You Turn Up The Heat This Winter

Sensual Ways to Pamper Your Lover

The colder winter months mean more time spent indoors. And let’s face it, your bed is practically begging you to crawl into it.

Is there anything better than crawling into a warm bed with your lover? There might be. Here are some ideas to bring to bed.

Steamy Ideas That Will Get Your Blood Pumping

Set the Mood

Before we get into the nitty gritty, the first thing you should do is set the mood. Roses (not just any roses, but perfect, lush, everlasting roses), candles, the right music, and the right temperature are all important elements. These are the basics you should take care of to set the mood and set it right.


Tantric Massage

Long. Sensual. Trance-inducing. This one is about pleasing your partner from head to toe. The goal is make physical boundaries dissolve, to make time disappear, and to connect to your partner on the highest of levels. If you would like to take the senses even further, incorporate a blindfold.

Hot Shower or Bath Sex

You can take this to whichever level you wish to, but we highly recommend preparing the space first. Candles, roses, music that will set the mood, and warm housecoats to slip into afterwards. The details for the before and after are as important as the intimacy itself.


Steam Room/Sauna Play

If you do some research, you will find sexy steam rooms and saunas available which can take intimacy to entirely new heights. And let’s face it, there is something super-hot about a steamy and warm body.

Warming Lube

There are many options when it comes to lubrication. Women tend to get a bit dryer in the winter months and you want to ensure there is plenty of lubrication. Not enough lubrication can lead to painful sex. Warming lube can truly create a heightened sexual experience and elevate the senses.

Wax Play

If you want to take heat to the next level, wax can be a highly intimate and sensual experience. That said, do your research on which type of wax to use as they are not all created equally, and you definitely want to avoid having this turn into a different type of experience.

Slow It Down

Passionate clothes-ripping sex is hot, but take your time in the winter months. Be aware of your partner’s temperature, as you want them to focus on the intimacy, not whether they’re cold. Be mindful and slow it down to make sure you’re considering every aspect of their experience, and ultimately, yours too.

Adult Toys

There are a million and one options available with respect to toys, but we highly recommend you venture into this space with your partner. Especially during the frostier months. Toys are meant to enhance your experience. Not replace you.

There are so many ways you can elevate your sexual experience and the winter months are a perfect time to try new things.