8 Ways to Thank Frontline Workers

8 Ways to Thank Frontline Workers

How To Show Appreciation To 2020’s Heroes

This year has been tough on many of us. Most of all, it’s made us more aware of society’s unsung heroes: frontline workers. When it was safest to stay home, those who worked on the frontlines did their best to ensure that people were safe, healthy, and fed.

You may feel compelled to thank the frontline workers in your life, whether they’re a nurse, delivery driver, store associate, or someone else who kept the world moving when it felt like it was at a standstill.

With these tips in mind, you’ll have plenty of ways to let frontline workers know that their work is appreciated, and that they have your support.

Give a Gracious Gift to Your Favorite Frontline Worker

Relaxing Self-Care Gifts

You know how hard your recipient has been working. Help them relax with a gift in the self-care category. This could include at-home spa treatments, bath bombs, candles, or anything you think could melt away the stress.

Rose Arrangement

There’s no better way to say “thank you” than with flowers. Surprise the frontline worker in your life with a stunning arrangement of vivid roses. You’ll give them a much-needed reminder that they are loved and appreciated.


Personal Protective Equipment

Many workers rely on personal protective equipment (PPE) on the job. This includes masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer, among other things. Why not treat your loved one to an extra supply of sanitizer, or a stylish new mask? Just be sure that your gift complies with safety regulations set by their employer.

Cook Something Tasty

Nothing follows a hard day of work better than a hot, home-cooked meal. Think of your loved ones’ favorite recipe, and drop it off at their home after work. Pair it with a bottle of wine for an extra splash of elegance.

Help with Errands

Since workers have had to dedicate their energy to the frontlines, many vital errands in their personal lives have been put on the backburner. Volunteer to help out with these tasks, whether they include grocery delivery or home care.

How to Show General Appreciation Towards Frontline Workers

Tip Generously

For many frontline workers, a huge portion of income comes from tips, rather than product sales. Think of which services you use that rely on workers who rely on tips, and try to tip them as much as you reasonably can. If you choose to give a tip in the form of physical cash, make sure to sanitize it, and attach a note that expresses your gratitude.


One of the easiest ways to support frontline workers is to simply cooperate. Follow instructions given to you by store associates or other public employees, and honor any requests made that may impact the safety of you and those around you.

Be Kind

Sometimes, a simple compliment or kind gesture can turn someone’s bad day around. It’s easy to express your gratitude verbally, and it won’t go unappreciated.