9 Unique Proposal Ideas For When You Want To Pop The Question

9 Unique Proposal Ideas For When You Want To Pop The Question

These Romantic Gestures Will Wow Her – Without Being Cheesy!

You can feel it in your heart – this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. In all your life, no one else has ever made you feel so passionately.

You know that before you can say, “I do,” you have to ask, “Will you marry me?” and that can be a bit overwhelming if you're all out of ideas on grand romantic gestures. You know there is a fine line between romantic and meaningful, and going over the top or, worse, into the realm of corny.

Lucky for you, we have just the proposal inspo you need to plan how you pop the question to the love of your life.

Fill the Room With Flowers

This one is a timeless classic, and for a good reason. Nothing says love forever quite like roses. Give it a modern spin by including other plants in the mix, like succulents or ferns. Or take it up a notch by doubling down on the red rose theme – lay down a red rose pattern blanket next to the fireplace, add red rose cushions, put out a box of red rose chocolates, and light a red rose candle.

You can go all out with the theme here. Balloons, a red rose necklace, red rose slippers, get creative. If you have what it takes, make a rose-shaped pizza, or buy a bottle of wine with rose packaging.

Use your imagination, and don't be afraid to take it just a little over the top.

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Use Flowers to Pop the Question

If you like the idea of flowers but don't want to make a mess of rose petals all over your lovely home, there are many other variations on that first option. For instance, you can ask for her hand in marriage by spelling out the question in a large, luxurious Doses of Roses box of flowers.

With two different colors of blooms, the roses can spell out “Will You Marry Me?” Another lovely idea is to attach a note or love letter to a new flowery gift or one you have already given to her.

A Doses of Roses flower teddy bear or Marbleous Rose arrangements are good options for this. You can even build your own flower arrangement for her.

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Incorporate Your Pets

A great proposal idea to do at home, in a familiar and low-key way, is allowing your pet to be the one to pop the question. If you have a dog or cat (or really any little critter), you can tie a note saying, “Will you marry me?” around their collar or even wrap a ribbon around them with the ring box tucked inside.

This may be more difficult to do with, say, a snake or fish, but you can always adapt by writing it out in their pebbles. This way, you can add your fur baby to the special day, reinforcing the bond of the little family you have started with your loved one.

They can't say no to both you and Fido.

Scavenger Hunt

This one is quite creative. You will create from scratch a memorable scavenger hunt that is based around many places and objects that are meaningful to your relationship. Ask a few friends or family members to join you during the hunt.

This will allow others to be there to take part or help, and even take pictures of the big moment. Leave cards at these places that have made an impact on your relationship, with some details about the memories you created there and why they are so cherished.

A scavenger hunt would be even more romantic – and, come on, just practical – if you make sure to include the necessary hair and nails appointment so they will be photo-ready for that iconic ring pic announcement.


Another fun way to pop the question is by creating a puzzle for her to solve. This can come in different forms, so be creative! If they are a lover of crossword puzzles, why not build her own crossword grid, with inside jokes and favorite memories, or even just details you love about her or your life together?

You might opt to write, “Will you marry me?” as the first letter of each word that they need to unscramble to get a message. Once they complete it, there is no way they won't say, “Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!” Alternatively, you could also create a jigsaw puzzle out of a photo or design you created, which they can put together to find the secret message.

Maybe it could be a picture of the location where you'd like to get married!

Written in the Sky

If you're a little shy, nervous about getting the words out, or are afraid you'll get tongue-tied at the big moment, why not let an airplane ask the question for you? Watching the sky together will be a beautiful time just before they see the message.

You can set up an elaborate occasion that will astound her romantically speaking and never have to even say a peep about marriage until they see the message in the sky. Even better, the message will be up in the clouds, floating overhead, symbolizing the eternal nature of your love for her while also making it something of a public spectacle. All over your town, people will see the grand gesture of your love and your proposal question.

Be sure to get her name up there too! She'll feel famous for a day.

Make A Book

All relationships have a story. Most have many, many stories. You could put together a book or a scrapbook of the time you have spent together.

If you share in this book your favorite moments together and all your good memories, and then end the story with how you asked her to spend the rest of her life with you, they will be surprised to look up from the page to see you down on one knee, holding a ring up to her, waiting for her answer.

Make It A Game

If you are a couple that loves a good game night, schedule one with your closest pals or even solo. A good way to do this would be to make it a trivia game, one where participants must read questions off cards.

When it’s your partner’s turn to answer a question, find your way to your partner and say, “Your question is: Will you marry me?” Bonus points if you print out an actual card that says this, so they can keep it as a souvenir of your romantic engagement story.

Do It On A Roller Coaster

This one isn't for the faint of heart. If you really want to surprise her, at a time when they will be least expecting it, a romantic and unique proposal option is to ask her while you are on a roller coaster at her favorite amusement park.

Adrenaline will be pumping at every fast turn and drop. Her heart will be racing. Still, they will inevitably do a double-take, maybe even scream, if you ask her right before the steepest drop or even hold up a card that asks her during the photo.

Hopefully, at least one of these proposal options has piqued your interest, and you're getting excited to start planning it all out.

The day you ask her to marry you is such a special day and lays a strong foundation for the future you are building together. You want to make this a day they will remember in detail for years to come and a story that they will tell all her friends about. Get the magic started and surprise her with one of these romantic, unique, and sentimental proposals.

Good luck!

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