A Guide to Giving Gifts on Chinese New Year

A Guide to Giving Gifts on Chinese New Year

How to Give the Right Gift for the Lunar New Year

The Chinese New Year is one of the most interesting holidays on the calendar. Also called the Lunar New Year, the day marks the beginning of a new period that is celebrated with festivals and joy.
It is common for people who celebrate this occasion to exchange gifts. Specifically, elders give red envelopes containing gifts to their younger relatives. Otherwise, friends and relatives often exchange heartfelt gifts.
Whether you’re celebrating the Lunar New Year for the first time, or you’ve enjoyed the occasion throughout your whole life, you may have trouble coming up with gift ideas. Check out our suggestions below.

Gift Ideas For Chinese New Year


Red is considered a lucky color at this time, so consider gifting a red flower. Red roses are an ideal option, as their beauty and aroma are both breathtaking.


Fruit can also symbolize good luck, but some are better choices than others. Oranges and tangerines are said to bring good luck, fullness, and wealth, as they are round and close to gold in color. Stay away from pears, as they bring bad luck.


Many who celebrate this holiday eat sweets to ensure that their year will be full of sweetness. For that reason, sugary snacks and decadent desserts make great gifts at this time.

What NOT To Give on Chinese New Year

There are some gifts that no one wants to receive on this occasion. That’s because they represent certain superstitions, and symbolize negative things that could happen to the recipient over the next year. Avoid giving one of these gifts.

Anything Black or White

These colors are traditionally associated with mourning practices, like funerals. If you incorporate these colors into your gift, it is said that you are increasing the odds of bringing death to a family member. Make sure not to wear these colors, either.


In theory, it would be nice to receive a watch as a gift. However, on Chinese New Year, this gift symbolizes something dangerous. A watch is a marker of time, and giving one as a gift is said to bring someone closer to their death.

A Pair Of Shoes

Even if your recipient is building a dazzling shoe collection, stay away from this gift. It is insulting, as it symbolizes that you are “walking away” from your relationship with that person.
No matter what gift you choose, make sure you consider the luck and superstitious beliefs associated with it. After all, your goal is to please your recipient, rather than make them uncomfortable.