Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Moms to Be

Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Moms to Be

Pamper the Mom to Be With These Mommy Friendly Gifts

Common baby shower gifts, such as onesies, pacifiers, and toys, are often directed towards the baby-to-be. However, why not take the opportunity to buy the mother-to-be something special to congratulate her on such a special occasion?

If you are looking for inspiration, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be discussing a few baby shower gift ideas that you can use to spoil the future mother.

Traditions of a Baby Shower

A baby shower is a party or function held to celebrate the pregnancy of a woman. It is taken as an opportunity to ‘shower’ the mother with gifts and love, preparing her for the journey of motherhood.

Baby Shower Gifts for Mom

Pink Or Blue Flower Arrangement

If you want to spoil the mother, try buying her a pink or blue flower arrangement (the color would depend on the gender of the baby). Nothing screams luxury more than a beautiful box of flowers.


Dose Of Roses is a luxury flower shop that can be found in downtown Los Angeles. If you want to splash out, there is no better place to purchase an arrangement of roses, as this company only uses the best of the best, plus, the roses last for five years.

Rose Bear

A rose bear from Dose Of Roses also makes a beautiful decoration and is fitting for a baby shower. More so, rose bears are becoming an extremely popular gift, meaning that you will not disappoint with this adorable idea.

Goddess Candle

Candles are perfect for the few moments that mothers have to themselves when they are able to relax in a nice, hot bath. If you want to spoil her, buy her the goddess candle from Dose Of Roses that celebrates the female form. This candle is made from a blend of coconut oil, beeswax, soy, and apricot oil, ensuring a divine smell that will leave her relaxed and at peace.

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24K Gold Roses

Nothing screams luxury more than an arrangement of 24K gold roses. If you want to spoil the mother-to-be, this gift idea is the way to go.

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Beauty Treatments

Motherhood can leave a woman stressed out and wound up. For this reason, a beauty treatment is the perfect gift idea, as it will give her some much-needed alone time. Whether it be a skin treatment or a massage session, you will not go wrong with this gift.

Luxury Robe Or Pajamas

Try buying her a set of fancy pajamas from Dose Of Roses. Having a luxurious satin robe to slip into after a hard day’s work can brighten up one’s spirits.


Champagne For After the Baby Is Born

Champagne is a drink used to celebrate a big occasion, such as childbirth. For this reason, it is the perfect gift for a mother-to-be. Just make sure that it is only consumed after the child is delivered.

Rectangular Rose Arrangement

An extravagant arrangement of roses can be the perfect gift idea for a mother-to-be. You can purchase a stunning rectangular bouquet of any color from Dose Of Roses and customize it just for her. You will have one of the best gifts at the baby shower if you go this route.


A baby shower is a party or function held to celebrate the pregnancy of a woman. But instead of buying gifts for the baby, why not celebrate the mother and spoil her with stunning presents, such as a rose bear, a goddess candle, or beauty treatments.