Beautiful and Clever Ways to Tell Your Partner You’re Pregnant

Beautiful and Clever Ways to Tell Your Partner You’re Pregnant

How To Share This Exciting News in the Most Creative Way 

You are completely overjoyed. You just confirmed that you are pregnant and can’t wait to share the news with your boo. There are many ways to get creative when it comes to making this announcement. Let’s break down some of the best.  

How to Reveal Your Pregnancy to Your Partner

Pregnancy Test in a Box

A gift, beautifully wrapped, with the most unique and exciting message inside. Letting your partner know that you’re expecting in this way can be as unique and personal as you would like to make it.


A message on a chalkboard is one that is always in style. And with your own writing and creativity, you can make it unique to your relationship as soon-to-be parents.

Personalized Onesie 

Whether you’re supporting a local business, ordering online, or creating one yourself, this gift is sure to surprise and delight your partner in the cutest, tiniest of ways.

Rose Bear

This one is an absolutely beautiful, one-of-a-kind and adorable way to share the news. It may even keep them guessing for a little while before they figure it out!



Flowers and roses can be tailor-made to whatever you would like them to be. A message, perhaps, letting them know about the exciting new arrival that is on the way.  


Baby Shoes

Whether they’re yours, theirs, or a brand-new pair for the little one, baby shoes are an adorable way to hint that their life is about to change in the most beautiful way possible.

Personal Note

Perhaps this is something you want to be more intimate about. Sitting down to write a personal letter or note, expressing your love and the joy that this news is bringing, can be a truly meaningful one. What’s more? This is a memory that will last a lifetime.


There are many ways to personalize cakes and make them unique to your occasion. Surprise them with one…and your wonderful news!

Fortune Cookie/Card

This is one that they will least expect when opening it! If you’re more of the card-type, you can personalize a longer message, tailor-made for your boo.


Another adorable idea. Set a coffee mug out for them in the morning and see how long it takes them to notice the announcement.

This is such an exciting time for you both. Taking the time to make it even more memorable and special will create a lifetime of new memories for the two