Celebrities and Their Favorite Flowers

Celebrities and Their Favorite Flowers

Which Celebrity Do You Share a Favorite Flower With?

Have you ever wondered how your favorite celebrity decorates their garden or home? Flowers make the world brighter, bolder, and more colorful. Whether you’re a global superstar or a frequent movie-goer or concert audience member, you probably have a favorite flower. Here’s what Hollywood’s biggest stars like.

Check Out These Famous Folks’ Favorite Flowers

Angelina Jolie: Orchids

Orchids are colorful, vibrant, and come in over 25,000 species. Known for their bright colors and creative petal patterns, it’s no wonder why actress Angelina Jolie gets excited about them. The Tomb Raider star says orchids are her favorite flower, but her wedding to Brad Pitt was decorated with plenty of varieties of flowers.

Anne Hathaway: Anemones

Anne Hathaway brings a bubbly, bright energy to her roles on the big screen. Her favorite flower is just as bright. Hathaway likes anemones, which are a colorful, unique part of the buttercup family of flowers.

Madonna: White Roses

Madonna is known for putting on shocking performances and eliciting controversy. It might surprise you that her favorite flower is the purest of them all: the white rose. This particular rose is most often associated with innocence and peace, but it can also symbolize happiness and concentration.


Michelle Obama: Pink Roses and Hydrangeas

From her successful career as a lawyer and author to her time as America’s First Lady, Michelle Obama has always found plenty of ways to stay busy. What kind of flowers does she decorate with? The First Lady has two favorites: first, she loves hydrangeas, which are dome-shaped bunches of colorful petals.

She also likes pink roses. This rose color symbolizes love, patience, and joy, offering a more gentle alternative to the bold red rose.

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Audrey Hepburn: Tulips

Audrey Hepburn was a British actress who was known for starring roles in some of the biggest films of the 1960s. Hepburn loved gardening, and tulips were her favorite flower. She even had a species of tulip named after her!

Jennifer Lopez: Lilies and White Roses

JLo is a triple threat: she sings, acts, and dances. What kinds of flowers does Jenny from the Block like to surround herself with during her free time? The star likes lilies and white roses. Lilies are one of the prettiest flowers you can find, and they’re easy to grow.


Flowers can make anyone feel like a star. Whether you fill a garden with arrays of colorful daisies, or decorate your home with a luxury rose arrangement, surrounding yourself with flowers is an easy way to put yourself in positive spirits.