Christening Party Ideas

Christening Party Ideas

How To Celebrate Your Baby’s Christening 

Christening parties are often thought to be religious celebrations, and many times, they are. But a christening can also be the welcoming of a child and a personal way to mark their birth. It can be a celebration of the life and journey of faith your little one is about to embark on.

The Celebration

Pick Your Theme

There are a million and one adorable themes to choose from. Selecting one should be your first step, since everything else will fall into that category.

The Food 

Your food you serve, whether catered or homemade, can easily be theme-inspired and colour-matched. Once your theme is chosen, the sky’s the limit as to what beautiful creations you will have set out on the table for your guests to enjoy.

Rose Themed

Whether you’re celebrating a baby boy or a baby girl, rose-themed christening parties are classy, they create an upscale atmosphere and they are absolutely beautiful, no matter which colour you choose.



Depending on which season you will be celebrating in, you can incorporate it into your theme. Whether it be the food you serve or the atmosphere you create, there are colours and tastes for every season.


Which baby does not love animals? This adorable theme brings all of the warm and fuzzies to your party whilst allowing any colour to shine through in the décor scheme.  


If you want to keep things traditional with respect to your christening party, a faith-inspired theme can be absolutely beautiful and peaceful. White roses are a beautiful and natural accent that can be added to take your theme to new levels.



Nothing says baby quite like a plush teddy bear. It’s an iconic symbol for a reason. There are many ways to incorporate this theme into a beautiful scene.


No matter what you choose, what’s most important is celebrating your little one, in whichever capacity that may be. The theme you choose is what will set the mood and make for beautiful photos and memories to look back and reflect on.