Creative Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Creative Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Spice Things Up on Your Special Day

Anniversaries are a day to celebrate your love. You should never feel guilty for splurging on celebrating the magic that is your relationship and love for one another. Creating memories each year and disconnecting from the world to simply spend some uninterrupted time together can do wonders for your soul and your relationship.

Fun and Creative Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Photo Shoot and Visit at Your Wedding Venue

If you want to bring back some wonderful memories together, why not recreate your wedding day in the form of a photo shoot at the location where it all happened?

First Date Re-Do

Bring back all of the wonderful nervous energy and butterflies by recreating your first date together. A little nostalgia can go a long way when it comes to romance.

Scavenger Hunt

This one can be as unique and personal as you want to make it. Whatever is symbolic of your love for each other can be included in this exciting, yet romantic activity.

Adrenaline-Pumping Adventure

If you’re a couple who loves to feel the rush of adrenaline through your veins, a heart-pounding bungee jump or skydiving trip can connect you in ways you never thought possible. It also proves that you can accomplish absolutely anything together.

Take a Class Together

Perhaps there is something you both love to do but have never had the time to invest in learning. Now is your chance. Taking a class together and learning something new can really spark the romance.


What can be more fun than a night of karaoke together? Be silly or sing your favourite love songs together. No matter your musical preferences, this one is sure to bring a whole lot of laughter and love to the table.

Amusement Park

Amusement parks and/or carnivals can bring back feelings of nostalgia for most. There is something magical about winning completely overpriced stuffed animals for your loved one and riding the tilt-a-whirl whilst snuggled up to each other.

Renew Your Vows Alone, Exotically

It’s one thing to renew your vows, it’s another to do it in an exotic place. Perhaps you dreamed of getting married somewhere tropical, but your budget did not allow for sending all of your guests to a warm destination. Now is your chance to start planning your exotic getaway.

Everlasting Love

Is there such a thing as giving the gift of everlasting love? We’re happy to tell you, there is. Roses from Dose of Roses last up to five years with no maintenance and serve as a lasting reminder of the love you have from one another.

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Always take the time to celebrate each other. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the day to day, but taking time to celebrate your love and focus on each other on your anniversary can truly do so much to create an even stronger bond.