Creative Ways to Show Appreciation

Creative Ways to Show Appreciation

Make Someone Smile With These Gestures of Gratitude

Think of the last time you were truly grateful. Did someone go out of their way to help you, or did they say something sweet that turned your bad day around? When someone demonstrates thoughtfulness, it’s important to show that you are grateful. What do you do if saying “thank you” doesn’t feel like enough?

Show your appreciation in a creative way. These ideas are meaningful and will certainly make their recipient feel as good as they make you feel.

Say “Thank You” With These Creative Gestures 

Handwritten Letter or Note

Words have the most meaning when they are written down. Write a sweet “thank you” note, or for a more serious scenario, craft a genuine letter and pour out your feelings of appreciation.

Help Out

Some people throw out the phrase, “I owe you a favor,” but you should take it to the next level. If the person you’re thanking has a hands-on project or a ton of errands, lighten their load as a “thank you” gesture.

Phone Call

You might be thinking, “who even calls anymore?” Actually, calling someone to thank them is one of the most sincere gestures of appreciation. Let the call unfold naturally: whether you laugh, cry, gossip, or run out of things to talk about, you’ll be glad you took this classic approach.

Give Flowers

Giving flowers is a great way to show appreciation. Roses in particular are a great choice, because they’re joyful and vibrant, and they brighten any room. To show a high level of gratitude, give a luxury arrangement of roses and attach a card. 

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Pay It Forward

Think of the person you’re thanking. Do you know if they care about any causes or social issues? Are they involved in any fundraisers? If so, you might want to consider participating. They’ll see how grateful you are, and they’ll be happy to know that the issues they care about are picking up traction.

Make Something and Dedicate It To Them 

Who doesn’t love a homemade gift? Use creativity to your advantage by saying “thank you” with something original. It could be a D.I.Y. craft gift, a yummy cake that says “thank you” with frosting, or a performance dedicated in their name.

Celebrate Their Accomplishments 

You admire the person you are thanking: they’re hardworking and resilient, and they deserve to be celebrated. Show your appreciation by bringing light to their achievements. You could even throw a party in their honor if you choose.

Find a Creative Way to Say It Verbally

Sometimes, using words is the best way to show appreciation. Still, a simple “thank you” might seem too simple. Show your appreciation with a unique statement that will speak to the recipient. You may use humor to your advantage, or share a heartfelt confession of gratitude: ultimately, it’s your call.

Nothing can brighten someone’s day like the feeling that they are appreciated. We hope you consider these suggestions the next time you want to recognize someone’s kindness, assistance, or all-around awesomeness.