Creative Wedding Cake Decorations

Creative Wedding Cake Decorations

Give Your Special Day the Cake It Deserves

A wedding cake is meant to be memorable. Your special day is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, so your wedding cake should be a once-in-a-lifetime treat. What are some ways to make your wedding cake elegant and fascinating to look at? These design ideas will leave your wedding guests breathless.

Ways to Make Your Wedding Cake Dazzle


Roses are a classic symbol of romance and passion, making them the ideal cake decoration for a wedding. There are many ways to incorporate these fabulous flowers into your cake’s exterior: strategically place flowers with blooming petals on points of the cake, or create a waterfall of roses going down the side. We recommend putting edible flowers made of icing on the cake, and decorating around the cake with real roses.


Gold/metallic design

Add a dash of luxury to your cake with a metallic finish. Bakers love using edible gold and metallic decorations to spruce up wedding cakes.

Rustic design

Cakes with a rustic design are becoming more and more popular at weddings. This timeless design includes nature-inspired decorations and earthy tones that complement the cake’s creamy white base.

Creative toppers

Wedding cakes usually feature small figurines or decorative items called ‘toppers.’ Classic toppers include the bride and groom, the couple’s initials, or a heart. Don’t be afraid to get creative – you can create a whole scene on the top of your cake with funny or extravagant figurines.


Can’t decide whether you want your cake to be pearly white or pop with an accent color? You can do both! Ice your cake with a gradient – also known as the ombre effect. This approach involves icing your cake with multiple icings that are similar in color, but different enough to create a spectrum. When they are blended on the cake, they’ll create a stunning visual effect.

Unique patterns

Cake decorators are getting more creative, and they’re coming up with more ways to make their designs stand out. You don’t have to settle for a traditional design if you’d rather pick something more interesting. Spiderwebs, origami shapes, and spaced out sequins are examples of eye-catching designs we love.

Candy as topping

Celebrate your sweet tooth by pouring candy onto your wedding cake. Some couples prefer to go all out and make their cake look like a colorful display straight from a candy shop.


Adding berries to a wedding cake is a great way to incorporate nature into your cake in a colorful, fun way. They can add to your cake’s rustic design, and they taste great, too.

Creative shape/structure

Most wedding cakes follow a traditional structure: round layers that gradually shrink towards the top. More couples are beginning to switch things up with a creative shape. Use an abstract design, mix squares and circles, and even experiment with gravity by creating a leaning tower of cake layers.

Ultimately, your wedding cake is only a small part of a big celebration that you’ll never forget. Still, your wedding’s photo album deserves to be filled with pictures of a great-looking cake.