Elegant Celebration of Life Ideas

Elegant Celebration of Life Ideas

Ideas to Remember and Commemorate Loved Ones

The loss of someone you loved or someone who was important in your life can be a difficult one to navigate. But there are ways to help you get through the grief and celebrate their life.

In many cases, those who have passed prefer a celebration rather than the darkness of a funeral, and may choose to forego one altogether.  If you are planning a celebration of life, there are many beautiful ideas to ensure that family and friends remember their life in this time of sadness.

Ideas that Inspire and Move Us

Butterfly Memorial

Technology allows us to be much closer to one another than we could be, previously. You can create a Butterfly Memorial Garden virtually. The landscape changes with the seasons and you can invite family and friends to contribute to this beautiful garden by sharing memories and designing their own unique hand-crafted butterfly.


Tree Planting

You may choose a special park where trees can be planted in honour of your loved one. Gathering those closest to the person you have lost to plant trees and say a few special words can be a comforting way to honour them.

Release Lanterns

A beautiful way to instil a sense of closure while celebrating the life of someone you’ve lost is a great way to commemorate a loved one. It can also light up the night sky and is something that all who are invited, can participate equally in.

A Quote Board

You can ask family and loved ones to share quotes and stories about your loved one. It can be from a favourite book or poem. It can be a quote that they used frequently. Either way, this is a beautiful way to bring a smile to those who knew them.

Commission the Naming of a Rose

You can actually commission the naming of a rose after your loved one. By bringing your family and friends together to view the roses available for naming, you can vote on a winner and purchase the name which will be registered with the International Cultivar Registration Authority. You can also send your loved one’s home with a beautiful rose of their own to mark the occasion.


The celebration you choose can, and will, be highly personal and based on their character. There are many ways to personalize the celebration but what’s most important is sharing memories, celebrating the life that was lived and honouring them.