Engagement Party Gift Ideas

Engagement Party Gift Ideas

How To Celebrate A Newly Engaged Couple

A marriage can be preceded by plenty of celebrations: a bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and, of course, the actual wedding. An engagement party is special because it marks the transition from dating to bonafide couple.

Engagement parties are typically less formal than the coinciding wedding, but can be more intimate due to a smaller guest list.

By inviting you to an engagement party, the hosts are letting you in on the excitement and anticipation that comes with preparing for marriage. Giving a thoughtful gift shows that you appreciate this and recognize the role you play in the couple’s life.

When It Takes Place

Typically, an engagement party will take place a few weeks after an engagement is made public – often within three months. This is also the first marriage-related celebration a couple may have leading up to the eventual wedding or corresponding ceremony.

Gift Ideas

By choosing a special gift, you’ll show your hosts that you support their journey towards marriage and appreciate their invitation. You may choose something tinged with romance, or something practical for the couple’s shared life.


Roses symbolize love, romance, and passion, making them an ideal gift choice for an engaged couple. Bouquets are a beautiful choice, but you may choose to pick an arrangement that’s classic while creative. Dose of Roses offers long-lasting roses in unique arrangements, including rose teddy bears, heart-shaped boxes, galaxy enchanted roses, and much more.

Customize Your Bouquet with Dose of Roses
Make It Personal


Wine is a classic choice for a couple’s gift, and it’s not hard to see why. With so many options on the wine shelf, you’ll be best off by choosing a wine with some connection to the couple. Read the label for a taste or detail that is connected to the couple.

Photo Sets

Photographs capture heartfelt memories, and a printed photograph turns those memories into a lifelong keepsake. Consider gifting a photo frame or a photo book to the engagement party’s hosts to show that you value the life they are building together.

Personalized Glasses

Personalized glasses are advantageous gifts in plenty of ways. They’re classy, yet personal, and they mark an unforgettable occasion. They’re also practical, and couples living together will never say no to more kitchenware.

Customized glasses are gorgeous and will make a sharp addition to any kitchen.

Fine Liquor

If you know the couple’s taste in liquor, you may choose to consider it as a gift. Choose a robust bottle of premium liquor that the couple can share and make precious memories with.

Personalized His and Hers Gifts

There are plenty of matching sets of ‘his and hers’ gifts that can be heartfelt and practical, and can even add a touch of humor. Hand towels, champagne flutes, and ceramic bathroom dishes are all classic examples.

Home Décor

Engaged couples often anticipate living together, or have only lived together for a short time. Thus, home décor makes a great gift because it helps turn their shared living space into a home. Consider gifting wall decorations or practical kitchen supplies if you’re not sure specifically what the couple might need.

Fancy Chocolates

Chocolates can satisfy your hosts’ sweet tooth, but a sophisticated set of chocolates can turn up the romance, too. Consider Dose of Roses’ hand-crafted gourmet truffle gift box to make an impression on your hosts.

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