Fun Things to Do With Your Kids on Valentine’s Day

Fun Things to Do With Your Kids on Valentine’s Day

How to Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Children

Valentine’s Day is traditionally reserved for celebrating the love shared by couples. But that doesn’t mean you can’t include your kids in the fun. Show your kids how much you love them by collaborating on Valentine’s Day themed activities, like the ones we’ve suggested below.

Why Kids Love Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t complicated. At its core, the holiday celebrates love – a simple but powerful idea. Kids love the simple and joyful designs associated with the holiday, like colorful hearts, flowers, and chocolates. Plus, it’s healthy for children to learn about honoring positive relationships and giving to others.

Valentine’s Day Activities For You and Your Children

Decorate Your Home

Fill your home with colorful roses, love notes, and heart-shaped decorations. Your children will instantly appreciate the change in atmosphere. You could even make some of the decorations yourself!


Bake Something Together

Baking is a great activity to complete with your children: it’s fun, it’s educational, it encourages cooperation, and there’s a sweet treat at the end. A heart-shaped cake or cupid-shaped cookies are both brilliant ideas.

Complete an Arts and Crafts Project

Kids love making things. Gather all the crafting supplies you can find: scissors, glue, construction paper, markers, and anything else. Your children will have a blast making Valentine’s Day cards that you can cherish forever.

Give Valentines to Family and Friends

Valentines aren’t just for classmates. Help your kids make a list of people they appreciate, and help them give out cards by taking them to their friends’ homes, or to the post office for the people they love who are far away.

Have a Tea Party

Help your children host a fabulous Valentine’s Day-themed tea party. The guests can be real or imaginary, and humans and teddy bears are both invited.

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Random Acts of Kindness

Love can take many forms. Why not teach your children to spread love to their community? Participate in a local fundraiser, or surprise your neighbours by helping them out with errands.

Read Valentine’s Day Books

There are plenty of children’s books about Valentine’s Day. These books discuss ideas like love, healthy relationships, and gratitude, and they make storytime totally fun.

Watch Heart-Warming Movies

Who says Valentine’s Day can’t be a kids’ movie night? Put on a movie that has a positive message that encourages love.

By incorporating these ideas into your kids’ Valentine’s Day celebration, you’ll grow closer as a family, and February 14th will become your kids’ new favorite day.