Genuine Ways to Express Love

Genuine Ways to Express Love

Butterfly-Inducing Expressions of Love

There are a million ways to show someone how much you love them. Some are cliché, some over the top. You could follow along with some of the most common ways to express your feelings to someone, but if you want to take things to the next level, being genuine and thoughtful in your approach will go so much further.

The Language of Love

You have probably heard of the five “love languages.” Well, there’s a whole lot of truth to this and understanding how your partner expresses and receives love can literally transform a sentiment for them into the most beautiful thing they’ve ever heard or had done for them.  

Gift Giving

Some people express love by giving gifts to their loved ones. Think chocolate, items you know they’ve been eying, or thoughtful gifts that can brighten their day, such as a beautiful bouquet of stunning roses. If your partner showers you with gifts, chances are, this is a winner for them when it comes to how they might feel loved by you.


Acts of Kindness

Does your partner do little things for you to show you that they’re thinking of you? Do you often find yourself going to do something only to realize your boo has already taken care of it for you? This may be an indicator that these thoughtful acts are just what they need from you to feel loved. If they perceive these acts as acts of love when they do them for you, you’re sure to impress them if you return the favor.

Quality Time

Does your partner make time for you no matter how busy they are? If you often find yourself spending some quality one-on-one time together, they most likely appreciate you taking the time to do this for them. Set up a night under the stars, make a nice dinner, and enjoy the connection.


Physical Touch

You may not be an incredibly affectionate person, but is your partner? Do you find them snuggling up to you often, or walking by you whilst giving you a kiss, or a little pinch? Even if you consider yourself to be the less affectionate type, you’ll be surprised at how soul-soothing it can be to snuggle into the person you love and get cozy together. What’s more, you’re sure to make them feel adored.

Words of Affirmation

Whether it’s compliments or encouragement, expressions of love can be truly reassuring. It’s about expressing how you feel in words and sharing that with your lover. It could be kinky, bringing on a whole host of physical touch expressions to the mix too, or it could be as simple as telling them you love them every time you feel it, or sharing how gorgeous you think they are. There are a million ways to say I love you with words, and sometimes, the words I love you simply aren’t necessary to express how you feel.

Take the time to get to know how you like to receive love and how your partner likes to receive love. If you truly spend the time getting to know what makes them feel appreciated, it can do wonders for taking your relationship to the next level and ensuring that you are both fulfilled.