Gift Ideas For Announcing Your Pregnancy

Gift Ideas For Announcing Your Pregnancy

The Perfect Way to Share the Most Exciting News Imaginable

It’s news that you have been dying to share with your loved ones. Perhaps you have waited patiently through your first trimester and are ready to burst. Whether it’s a special occasion like Christmas or Mother’s Day, or just any ordinary day, revealing your big news through a gift can be a fun and special way to announce a pregnancy.

Here are some ideas!

Gift Ideas

Letter Board

This classic and slightly retro idea can be customized with any clever and exciting message you choose to write and looks stellar in a photograph for those who can’t personally be there to read your message. 

Rose Bear

Nothing says baby on the way quite like the classic teddy bear. But when it’s made of roses, it becomes a unique and luxurious keepsake that will last for many years.

To make sure the recipient truly understands the meaning behind this gift, attach a sonogram photo or a sweet note.


Custom Rose Arrangement

Customize a set of Dose of Roses arrangements to spell out your announcement. This is a super beautiful and dramatic way to announce such exciting news.


Custom Onesie

The tiniest little onesie, custom-made with your very own words announcing the exciting news. This will most definitely become a keepsake.

Custom Mug

Morning coffee will never be the same. They can relive the joyful moment of hearing the great news time and time again!

Sonogram Photo

There are a million and one ways to create the perfect announcement with a sonogram photo. One option is to put together a gift box and add your sonogram photo in with all the other items.

Baby Shoes

Create an adorable setting for a photo with a pair of baby shoes. Either the whole family’s shoes or the baby shoes alone. You can even include pets in this photo op.

Or, box up a pair of baby shoes and give it to your friend or family member. They will be shocked (and maybe slightly confused at first), buy the moment they figure out the meaning behind this gift will be truly priceless.  

Incorporate Your Pet

There are so many ways that you can make this announcement by including your pet. Perhaps your dog or cat is wearing the announcement around their neck? Perhaps they are laying on or next to a tiny onesie. You can get as creative as you like with this one.

There are so many clever and exciting ways to share your exciting news with loved ones. It’s a moment that you and your loved ones will always remember. So, take your time deciding how to best represent your growing family, and consider a unique gift that will serve as a special keepsake for years to come.