Healthy Ways to Treat Yourself

Healthy Ways to Treat Yourself

Avoid Self-Destruction With These Self-Care Tips

If you’ve had a long day or dealt with a stressful situation, there’s probably one thing you want to do: treat yourself. Self-care is all the rage right now. However, a lot of the ways we take care of ourselves can actually be harmful or self-destructive, and we don't always realize it. Overspending and feeding into bad habits is never the goal, so what should we do instead? Treat yourself with methods that feel as good as they truly are, like the ones we’ve listed below.

Ways to Treat Yourself That are Good For You

Call a friend

Sometimes, all you need is love. Support from a friend can heal anyone after a bad day, and it’s always important to nurture and strengthen your friendships. Plus, your friend might need your support as much as you need theirs.

Decorate your home with flowers

Changing your setting can also change your perspective. Give yourself a brighter look at life by introducing vibrant flowers to your interior decor. Who says you can’t buy yourself flowers? Treat yourself to a luxurious rose arrangement to feel like the king or queen you truly are.


Get a massage

Massages feel great, but they’re good for your health, too. They can reduce muscle tension, stop stress hormones, and improve your body’s circulation. Treat your body, mind and soul to a massage next time you need a self-care moment.

Watch a favorite show or movie

Take some “me time” and unwind in front of the big screen. Binge-watching one of your favorite shows will give you the chance to escape the craziness of daily life.

Take a relaxing bath

Baths are great, whether you love disappearing into the suds of a bubble bath, watching a colorful bath bomb take its course, or simply enjoying the water in its most natural form.

Spend time in the outdoors

Whether you take a walk through the park or lounge in the sun, spending time in the outdoors is a surefire way to make you feel fulfilled. You could even ask a friend to join you to maximize the outdoor fun.

Make some art

Let out your creative side. You don’t have to be skilled to draw, paint, write, sing, dance, or build your way towards feeling good. Your self-care masterpiece will certainly leave you feeling fulfilled.

Take a nap

Many don’t realize it, but sleep is actually productive. If you don’t think you’re reaching the recommended amount of daily sleep, try to squeeze in a nap. You’ll feel refreshed, and your body will thank you.

Travel if it's possible

This option isn’t always realistic, as it takes time, money, and plenty of effort to plan a successful trip. If this option is accessible to you, take it. You’ll learn a lot and refresh your perspective.

Everyone deserves to treat themselves once in a while. By mixing up your indulgences with fulfilling self-care methods, you’ll feel much better in the long-run – and that’s the best kind of self-care you can give yourself.