Holiday Home Decor Ideas

Holiday Home Décor Ideas

Add Some Festivity To Your Home With These Holiday-Ready Decoration Tips

No time of year feels quite like the holidays. The holiday season creates an atmosphere of joy that’s indescribable -- it is, after, the most wonderful time of year.

One of the best ways to embrace the holiday spirit is to spruce up your home with holiday-ready decorations. Check out our tips below for some merry ideas.

Keep These 9 Decor Tips In Mind For The Holidays

Flowers Are Your Friend

You might not normally think of flowers during the holidays, but they’re a perfect way to bring life into your home, whether in a bouquet, in a luxury arrangement, or on their own.


Use Metallics

Choose dazzling decorations in silver, gold, and metallic colors. These designs are the perfect way to add a dash of elegance to any holiday arrangement.

Bring On The Bright Lights

Holiday lights aren’t just for the outside of your home – they make a perfectly festive indoor decoration too. Set them up so they create a trail from different decorative corners of your home.

Let It Snow!

With materials that look like snow, you can turn your home into a winter wonderland. Use cotton and fleece, and pair up your artificial snow with dazzling white decorative items – this might even include the tree.

Use Creative Colors

The holidays are attached to well-known color schemes: green and red, or silver and gold. But don’t be afraid to stray away from tradition. Add a pop of dusky blue, bold magenta, or burnt sienna for a twist on the classic holiday palette.

Comfort Is the New Chic

You don’t have to compromise comfort for elegance. In fact, during the holidays, they go hand in hand. If your home looks cozy, it will feel warm and inviting. Decorate with chairs, blankets, and other snug items.

Plaid is a Great Holiday Pattern

If there’s one underappreciated holiday pattern, it’s plaid. Pick a tartan or buffalo check pattern for a few of your items – they’ll almost definitely stand out.

Incorporate Nature

Add some environment-inspired items to your home for an inviting, outdoorsy touch. Not sure where to start? Branches, berries, and wood are all popular options during the holidays. Feel free to mix up artificial and authentic items.

Creative Twists

Thinking of going beyond the typical holiday look? Spice things up with a creative theme. Mix up holiday essentials with tropical items for a “Holidays on the Beach” theme, or choose items in pastel pink and baby blue for a cotton-candy-inspired festive fantasy.

Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong way to decorate your home for the holidays. When you look around your home and feel an undying sense of festivity, you’ll know you’ve done a fine job.