Holiday Party Hostess Gift Ideas

Holiday Party Hostess Gift Ideas

What To Give A Party Host This Holiday Season

When attending an elegant holiday party, it's rude to arrive empty-handed. But what can you give to your party host as a sign of appreciation? We’ll provide you with some gift ideas that are guaranteed to put a smile on your host’s face.

What Is a Hostess Gift?

If you’ve been invited to a dinner party, it’s a nice gesture to thank the host with a gift. This does not have to be expensive or elaborate.

A simple, small gift can express plenty of gratitude towards the party host. Still, you should consider a few circumstances. If the party is a potluck, a food-related gift should suffice.

If you do not know the hosts well, a good gift will show that you are dedicated to fostering a friendship moving forward.

Holiday Party Gift Ideas


Wine is a classic choice for a dinner party, and for a good reason. This option is convenient and sure to please your host. If you want to add a touch of gratitude for the holidays, consider adding a customized label to the bottle.

Expensive Liquor

With a bit of thought, you can turn this classic gift option into a classy treat. Choose a brand of liquor that is rare or exotic or offers a unique taste. You may also consider pairing this gift with glassware or luxury cocktail mixers to ramp up the elegance.

Holiday Tree Ornament

Help your hostess spruce up their holiday tree with a festive ornament. Choose something that matches your hostess’ personality – funny, glamorous, or family-oriented.


Roses symbolize passion and beauty, making them a truly unforgettable gift. Treat your hostess to a beautiful flower arrangement from Dose of Roses. Choose from many options, like an eye-catching dome arrangement, or a joy-inspiring rose teddy bear – or consider customizing your own arrangement.

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Candles bring warmth to any room, making them a perfect gift for the holidays. Candles come in many varieties – you could choose a winter-themed scented candle, a set of mini-candles, or something truly unique, like a Greek Goddess-inspired candle.

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A homemade dessert is sure to please the host and other party guests. Even if you’re not an expert baker, there are plenty of crowd-pleasing recipes on the internet. You may choose a classic favorite, like an apple crumble, or try something new, like a maple-bourbon cheesecake.

Chocolates are a great option, too. Consider a hand-crafted box of gourmet truffles for an instant crowd-pleaser.

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24K Gold Dipped Roses

Gold and roses are two of the most luxurious gifts that money can buy – so why not combine them? Your hostess will never forget these 24-karat gold-dipped roses.  

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Fancy Soaps

Treat your hostess to an ultimate self-care getaway in the comfort of their own home. With an elegant set of soaps, scrubs, or bath bombs, your hostess will be pleased to turn their bathroom into a five-star spa.

Cocktail/Wine Glassware

Glassware is practical and versatile, making it an excellent choice for a hostess gift. If you know your host well, you may choose to get creative with glassware by picking a set with prints of their interests.

Otherwise, choose something luxurious, like a set of champagne flutes or wine glasses.