How to Appreciate Your Employees Throughout the Holidays

How to Appreciate Your Employees Throughout the Holidays

Thank Your Employees With These Holiday-Appropriate Ideas

The holidays are here, and you want to spread the holiday cheer to your employees. After all, you appreciate their hard work, and the year’s final stretch can be a busy time for many in and out of work.

You want to express your gratitude in a way that’s sincere and fun, so keep reading for ideas that are sure to bring the holiday spirit into your workplace.

10 Ways to Show Appreciation To Your Employees During the Holiday Season

Cover Your Staff’s Holiday Meals

Most holiday meals can add up, whether it’s ham, turkey, or a non-meat substitute. Since the holidays tend to be a pricey time for all, help your employees out by contributing some items to their holiday feasts.


‘Tis the season for presents, but gift cautiously. You’ll want to avoid creating a competitive atmosphere by giving each employee their own individually-selected gifts – especially if they cost different dollar amounts. Instead, choose a crowd-pleasing option, like a gift card.

Cash or Bonuses

Specific gifts might miss the mark, but cash is sure to be appreciated. This is a particularly timely offering, as the season’s shopping, travel and planning can be pretty costly.

Pay It Forward

If gifts or cash don’t seem appropriate, you could always ask your employees if any charitable causes are meaningful to them. A simple donation is a certain gesture of appreciation, but getting involved further can show that you really value your employees’ passions.

A Note or Letter

Some people find verbal compliments insincere or too easily given to be meaningful. A handwritten note, on the other hand, is a more heartfelt way to express your gratitude. You may choose to write on a piece of holiday-themed stationery, or on a holiday card so employees can add it to their holiday collection.


Say “thank you” with flowers. Roses are bold and vibrant, and bring life to any display or arrangement.

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Be Patient

Not everyone’s holidays are happy. Try to understand that while some employees are feeling the holiday cheer, others will have the winter blues.

Plan a Celebration

Let your employees take a break from the demands of work with a festive party or celebration. Avoid hosting a party that feels like an obligation. Instead, make your party fun, casual, and inviting.


Share a free lunch with your employees, and make an event out of it. Make sure it is scheduled well in advance and that each employee is available and aware of the event. It’s not a bad idea to include a variety of food options to ensure everyone’s dietary needs are considered.

Cultivate a Respectful Environment

The easiest way to keep employees happy isn’t through extra festivities – it comes from the atmosphere they work in. A consistently-held base level of kindness and respect is essential for anyone to feel holiday cheer in the workplace.