How to Choose A Wedding Gift For A Couple With No Registry

How to Choose A Wedding Gift For A Couple With No Registry

Wedding Gift Ideas For Couples Who Haven’t Registered

Choosing a meaningful wedding gift is a difficult task on its own. But now that more couples are choosing to live together before getting married, wedding registries are slowly becoming less common. As a wedding guest, what do you do in this case? Keep reading for gift suggestions that the newlyweds will never forget.

Luxury Hotel Stay

This gift option encourages the couple to travel and share new memories together, making it a brilliant choice for a wedding gift.

24K Dipped Roses

Roses symbolize romance and passion, making them an ideal choice for a wedding gift. Gifting roses that are dipped in 24-karat gold will certainly show the newlyweds how much you care about them. Dose of Roses offers gold-dipped flowers that are hand-picked, luxurious, and long-lasting.

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Champagne or Fine Spirits

Add a splash of romance to the newlyweds’ gift collection with a nice bottle of liquor or champagne. If you know the couple’s taste in liquor, you’re ready to give a gift that can be shared over months of new memories.

Monogrammed Robes

With a pair of comfortable bathrobes, a couple will leave the shower feeling like they’re at a spa in the comfort of their own home. Consider customized, monogrammed bathrobes for a personal touch that the couple is sure to be grateful for.

Experience Gift

“Experience gifts” have become a huge trend in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why. Many couples prefer these gifts, as they don’t take up space like physical gifts. Instead, they give couples an opportunity to try something new together and create long-lasting memories. Consider cooking classes, dining experiences, exercise courses, or anything else you think the couple would appreciate.

Spa Treatment

Everyone knows that weddings can be a stressful ordeal – especially for the lucky couple. Help the newlyweds catch a break by gifting them a pass to a spa. You may choose to gift them a couple’s pass, or individual passes, so they can counter their quality time spent together with some much-needed alone time.

Sentimental Art

Art is what makes a home feel special, so why not gift some sentimental art to the newlyweds? A wedding is a special occasion, so consider gifting art that the couple will cherish forever, like customizable wooden décor or a heartfelt picture frame.

Personalized Rose Arrangement

Roses are an iconic symbol of love and a classic gift, but they can still be intimate and sincere. Through Dose of Roses, you can create a personalized arrangement of roses. Customize the arrangement style, luxurious packaging, colour scheme, and much more.

Custom Engraved Cutting Board

Any married couple will gladly accept kitchen supplies – especially when those supplies are personal and thoughtful, like cutting boards that are engraved with a customizable message or emblem. 


Glassware is practical yet elegant, making it an excellent gift choice for newlyweds. Consider something that stands out, like a matching set of champagne flutes, or modern wine glasses.

Galaxy Roses

For a gift the newlyweds will never forget, consider galaxy roses from Dose of Roses. These stunning flowers are frozen and dipped in an iridescent coating, giving them a sparkling effect. These roses are long-lasting and luxurious, and are sure to spark up any wedding.